Muslim Man Defeated in Virginia Election

Qasim Rashid (D) has been defeated in the election for Virginia State Senate, District 28.

Rashid, a muslim immigrant from Pakistan, was endorsed by Emgage Action, a political organization aimed at getting muslims elected in the U.S. 

Rashid was defeated by Incumbent Richard Stuart (R) in the general election on Nov. 5th 2019, after advancing from the primary election on June 11th 2019.

Article Written By Deplorable Kel

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2 thoughts on “Muslim Man Defeated in Virginia Election

  1. Thank you Kel. We in the West have to become much more aware of the dangerous undercurrent which brings people who follow the ideaologies of Islam into our free countries. Pakistanis especially have no interest in making our Western countries better for our freedom instead they want us to absorb their cultural beliefs. Islam is a Cult like belief and does not change whether we are in Saudi Arabia or North America. We, the Free, should do everything in our power to ensure that this murderous cult does not infiltrate the ground we walk on or the air we breathe. For future generations we have to spread the world about the true ideals of this evil so called religion.


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