Muslim Man Running For Congress In Virginia

Qasim Rashid, a muslim immigrant from Pakistan, is running for Congress in Virginia’s First District.

Rashid took to Facebook to announce his run for Congress on January 20, 2020. He wrote:

I’m so excited to make this announcement on Martin Luther King Day!

I am announcing my candidacy for Congress in Virginia’s First District. The First District of Virginia has been inadequately served by a corporate-funded Congressman for too long. It’s time to elect a representative that will serve the district by putting working families, veterans, federal employees, and environmental protection first. Our campaign will not be funded by corporations or Super-PACs, but by a grassroots coalition of people like you.

Together, we will make history.
Join us.

According to Rashid’s Facebook page, Tim Kaine is his old law school professor. Not only was Kaine his professor, but they have remained friends. 

Rashid ran for Virginia State Senate in 2019 but was defeated in the general election. During his run for State Senate, Rashid was endorsed by Emgage Action, a political organization aimed at getting muslims elected in the U.S. 

Rashid will face Thomas Cox and Vangie Williams in the Democratic primary election on June 9, 2020.

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5 thoughts on “Muslim Man Running For Congress In Virginia

  1. Christians persecuted for their faith? By MUSLIMS! All over the world this is happening! These people are wolves in sheep’s clothing, using all the right words, to fool the ignorant! No Muslim should be able to hold office in this country, and certainly not take an oath to kill all the infidels, with their hand on the Quran!


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