Shaniyat Chowdhury

Former AOC campaign staffer, Shaniyat Chowdhury, defeated in NY’s 5th Congressional District Election

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Shaniyat Chowdhury, former campaign staffer for Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, has been defeated in New York’s 5th Congressional District Democratic primary election.

Chowdhury, a 27-year-old bartender, was one of AOC’s lead organizers during her campaign for Congress. He also served as Ocasio-Cortez’s deputy policy director, where he worked on research for the Green New Deal and other progressive legislative proposals. Like Ocasio-Cortez, Chowdhury is a member of the Democratic Socialists of America.

Chowdhury wants to Abolish ICE and prisons. He supports reparations, LGBTQIA, abortion, Medicare for all, tuition free college and debt cancelation.

Chowdhury, a muslim born in Queens to Bangladeshi parents, claims that he is “more American than Trump could ever be.”

Chowdhury was defeated by incumbent Gregory W. Meeks. Meeks received 77.3% of the votes, while Chowdhury received 22.4% of the votes.

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AOC’s Muslim Bartender Buddy Runs For Congress In New York

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