Fresno PD Arrests Elderly Couple Out For Mother’s Day Breakfast

waffle house fresno

An elderly Fresno couple headed out to the Waffle Shop this morning to enjoy a nice Mother’s Day breakfast, but instead they were arrested by Fresno PD.

The owner of the Waffle Shop was recently given an unconstitutional fine for refusing to close down HIS restaurant during the coronavirus shutdown. The Waffle Shop remained open, even after receiving the fine.

As people gathered in front of the Waffle Shop for Mother’s Day breakfast, code enforcement arrived to issue the owner another fine. Customers blocked the entranced and code enforcement called the police. When the police officer showed up, he barged through the crowd of customers, forcefully pushing at least two of them and grabbing an elderly customer, putting him in handcuffs, walking the man and his elderly wife away from the crowd and placing him in a hot cop car.

It’s bad enough that law enforcement is going against businesses but even worse, the officer was on such a power trip that he threw an elderly man in cuffs!

Is this America!?!

Watch video below:

Video of the Waffle House owner receiving fine (before the elderly couple’s arrest)

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  1. It is vitally important the police officers hand out copies of the Constitution and highlight the areas to those over them (highlighting the parts informing them if they follow and obey the orders, they are breaking the law of the land) and take a stand! What if someone arrested that guys mom! SHAME ON HIM for handcuffing! This is AMERICA though there are some states I’d label VERY Communistic. The youth of this day want Socialism! They think it means “be social”. LOL The joke is on them!

  2. Police take an oath to uphold the constitution.All lockdown orders are a violation of the constitution.All police officers are required to disobey any order that violates the constitution,if they don’t they are violating their oath and must step down as police officers.I am an ex cop I know what I am talking about.

  3. This is beyond acceptable! I keep believing that all American citizens, conservative, Democrat, and independent, will rise up and vote these jerks out. If someone thinks that this won’t get worse for all of us, they are out of touch with reality.

    • The minimum height limit is 5’6″. This cop might be that sideways. but certainly not standing up.

  4. The verbage in this article is very slanted with opinion. I feel no empathy regardless. The laws in place during a pandemic need to be followed without exception. Failure to do so is an act of biological warfare. You can have your privileged waffles soon enough.

    • These are not laws that are being enforced. They were never voted on and passed. They are executive orders put out by politicians that are cowards that are afraid to make the hard decisions and the easy way out. Now that data is proving them wrong they are doubling down.

    • Good grief, that’s 2 snowflakes that used the word verbiage (and you spelled it wrong) in their support of constitutional suspensions today. Do you have webinars? Soon, economics will HAVE to be factored in. You are operating on the presumption that this may end one day soon. What if it lasts for…say 6 more months? And genius, when you misspell a word there’s a little red line underneath it. In your case, it means you’re not as smart as you think. πŸ™‚ ~m

  5. I am an LAPD widow and that officer should be taking days off without pay, if not losing his badge. Who he chose shows he had a small mans complex. If he will do that in front of camera’s what will he do when they are off. And your department better realize your officers took an oath to uphold the Constitution and Gavin Newsome is not.

  6. I agree to some extent but those cops were there because they were SENT there by their superior . I agree that our rights should not be taken from us but then also the cops that enforce brute force is NOT necessary and that cop that was rough with this elderly couple should be dealt with.

  7. what happened to that elderly couple? I was so afraid watching that video that she was going to break her ankle getting yanked by that red car!

  8. People need to start standing up for each other they should of overthrew the the police that r violating there oath and stuffed them in trunk of squad car

  9. It saddens me how everyone is out for their own and taking off masks and giving no respect to the law and stay right standing with God and trusting Him to meet all their needs. I lost loved ones to COVID-19, the virus took over their weak immune systems as the American diet is a poor and nutrient deficient one. Now everyone is losing their minds to rush freedom when being FREE is peace of mind and heart NOT anger and rebellion. I cry and cry for everyone and I believe Isaiah 26:20. Wait till the Lords anger has lifted. πŸ˜ͺπŸ˜ͺπŸ˜ͺ✝️

    • You are taking that scripture out of context. God was speaking to Israel and God did not bring this virus. This is a demonic plan to destroy the economy to keep President Trump from being reelected. We the church are told to occupy until he comes not hide out.

  10. Love how everyone just stood by and let the cops do whatever they wanted lmfao great start to the big war. Cops 1 Patriots 0, we are a far cry from our founding fathers.

    • What would you have liked them to do to stop this officer? Hasn’t there been enough killings of unarmed individuals? If you escalate the situation he would then go for his firearm as he would certainly be in fear of his life and shoot no telling how many innocent people!

    • Our founding fathers were good with musket ball rifles. I’m afraid that cop would be digging a musket ball out of his fat ass if they were around today.

  11. And cops wonder why they are hated so much! This right asshole right here is 100% the reason why there is such a disconnect between them and the citizens

    • Can you imagine be sworn in to uphold laws and the laws now to enforce border on tyranny. Please don’t curse the messengers, call out the authors. Write letters and call nanny Newsome.

      • They are sworn in to protect and serve is the American people. Better recheck their oaths.

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