Fresno PD Arrests Elderly Couple Out For Mother’s Day Breakfast

An elderly Fresno couple headed out to the Waffle Shop this morning to enjoy a nice Mother’s Day breakfast, but instead they were arrested by Fresno PD.

The owner of the Waffle Shop was recently given an unconstitutional fine for refusing to close down HIS restaurant during the coronavirus shutdown. The Waffle Shop remained open, even after receiving the fine.

As people gathered in front of the Waffle Shop for Mother’s Day breakfast, code enforcement arrived to issue the owner another fine. Customers blocked the entranced and code enforcement called the police. When the police officer showed up, he barged through the crowd of customers, forcefully pushing at least two of them and grabbing an elderly customer, putting him in handcuffs, walking the man and his elderly wife away from the crowd and placing him in a hot cop car.

It’s bad enough that law enforcement is going against businesses but even worse, the officer was on such a power trip that he threw an elderly man in cuffs!

Is this America!?!

Watch video below:

Video of the Waffle House owner receiving fine (before the elderly couple’s arrest)

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