Moroccan Immigrant runs for Salt Lake City School Board

Mohamed Baayd is running for Salt Lake City School Board District 5

Baayd, an immigrant from Morocco, took to Facebook to announce his candidacy:

To build a strong and successful society is not easy straight path; however, when we fuel future generations with education, the path becomes easier bit by bit. I am the living testimony of that. Because of education, I was able to lift my self and my family in Morocco from poverty, and build a future for my children. Because of that, I am running for Salt Lake City School Board District 5, to help pave the path of education for every child in my district.

See Facebook post below:

One thought on “Moroccan Immigrant runs for Salt Lake City School Board

  1. Islamism entering the western educational system is dangerous. My daughter went to a school in central London which had lots of Bangladeshi Muslim students attending. They wanted to have a holiday for Ramadan. The school had kids from other faiths and none. UK is historically a Christian nation. If they want to celebrate and ‘educate’ their kids in Islam then that should not be inflicted on non Muslim kids. I and other parents objected and we were successful in stopping it. All the usual arguments were used by them, racism, Islamobhobia and so on but in spite of that the school did not allow it.
    This is what happens. It is an insidious process over time and eventually when they reach the majority they stop secular education and introduce Sharia and all that brings!! They don’t believe in evolution being taught and teach their kids to hate the non Muslims.


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