Muslim Candidate Speaks Out After Being Removed From Ballot For Using A Fake Name

Meherunnisa “Mary” Jobaida took to Twitter to respond to her name being removed from the ballot after being caught using a fake name. Jobaida published several tweets regarding the incident:

April 22

@BOENYC sent me this letter on 14th which arrived on 20th, as postmarked. Only last night I got it & saw the due date was also yesterday. The letter says it has issues with my name. My mom named me Mary. My dad, Meherunnisa. I only got to know I was Meherunnisa when I was 10. I have been called Mary since my first memory. My first passport that I used to come to this country had my name as Meherunnisa Jobaida Mary. I faced many teasing questions for that last name in NY although people in Bangladesh knew it without explanation that it was my nickname. Everyone I have known, from family members to friends, in Bangladesh and here, calls me Mary. I am not the first person though,@BilldeBlasio , @BillClinton,also used nicknames on the ballots.Hope @BOENYC will understand it. Tomorrow is the hearing. @Ali_Najmi will represent me.

April 23

The Queens Machine’s corruption and anti-democratic behavior is intolerable. It’s time to democratize Queens. It’s time to end corruption and return politics to serve people, not to punish people. From the very beginning of my campaign they tried to stop me. First they called my treasurer’s boss to show their disappointment. Then another call directly from Queens county to threaten him. Lastly, they have denied my right to be on the ballot over a timing issue. I received the letter detailing the issues with my nickname on the ballot on 21st and the same day we prepared everything they requested. A very quick turnaround for an ancient system that still uses paper communication. & Now, the machine declined to accept my name on the Ballot. Our Attorney is preparing a lawsuit. We will win in court so the BOE is wasting everyone’s time. And all of this while a brutal pandemic ravages our community. I will not give up!

April 23

The fight has begun. We cannot let them continue hurting Democracy- after ten years of undemocratic elections, Mary was the first one to challenge the incumbent of 34 years. But the corrupted Queens machine is trying to knock her off.

April 23

It’s not easy for a Muslim woman to run for office. They need to move layers of barriers to even think about it. @BOENYC wants to knock off both Muslim women, @disruptionary and @maryforassembly, the first ever candidates seeking these positions in NY! Let’s fight!

April 23

Than you @aptaube . The fight will continue. @maryforassembly is more determined than ever. let’s fight until the Queens machine is reformed! And @disruptionary is a fire! Let’s burn down the corruptions!

April 23

Yes, this was so hard to listen to. Out team was watching it live too! Don’t the Bengali women have rights to carry their nicknames? We want to know each of the board members’ identity- what’s wrong with a name as beautiful as Moumita? Too unfamiliar to the racist ears?

April 24

This is the first day of Ramadan. But Attorney @Ali_Najmi is heading to court with lawsuits against @BOENYC for its injustice against the first ever Muslim women candidates in their fields in NY @maryforassembly and @disruptionary. Demand justice now. get them on ballots.

April 26

BOE commissioners “understand Anyhony becoming Tony, but Moumita!!”. Yes, Moumita should be too. @Ali_Najmi filed a lawsuit against the @BOENYC. Court date: 4/30. Stand with @disruptionary & @maryforassembly and let your outrage be heard. #WeAllAreOne in NY

Read full story here.

UPDATE: Supreme Court Judge Leonard Livote ruled that the women’s names be put back on the June 23 primary election ballot.

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