MuslimGirl founder Amani Al-Khatahtbeh announces congressional run in New Jersey

Amani Al-Khatahtbeh, founder of, is running for Congress in New Jersey. Al-Khatahtbeh seeks to unseat 16-term Democratic incumbent Frank Pallone in the New Jersey’s 6th Congressional District.

According to,

Al-Khatahtbeh’s campaign platform prioritizes progressive causes, including Medicare for All, the Green New Deal, student loan cancellation, tuition-free public universities, criminal justice reform and a federal $15 minimum wage.

And, thanks to the coronavirus outbreak — which has hospitalized her campaign manager — Al-Khatehtbeh’s 2020 campaign ahead of the state’s June primary will be entirely digital.

It’s fitting for the 27-year-old media founder, who launched out of her bedroom as a high school student. The site, whose writers are mostly young Muslim women in high school and college, publishes posts about issues ranging from self-care, fashion and body positivity to faith and progressive politics.

Now the site is one of the world’s most popular online English-language destinations for Muslim women, she says, with investors including Gary Vaynerchuk and backing from the Malala Fund.

Al-Khatehtbeh wrote about her experiences launching the site and as a hijab-wearing Muslim growing up in the tri-state area post-9/11 in her 2016 memoir, “Muslim Girl: A Coming of Age,” which was named a New York Times editors’ pick. 

That same year, Al-Khatahtbeh and landed on Forbes’ 30 Under 30 media list, making the site the first Muslim company to do so. She’s been featured in a Maroon 5 music video; partnered with nail polish brand ORLY to develop a line of halal polishes – permeable to water, which many Muslims believe is necessary when performing ablutions; and was asked by Michelle Obama to speak at the United State of Women Summit, where she was on a panel moderated by former President Bill Clinton.

Al-Khatahtbeh’s announcement came days after she celebrated the fourth annual Muslim Women’s Day, a campaign she launched in 2017 to increase Muslim women’s representation in media, in partnership with several major brands.

Al-Khatahtbeh, who is the daughter of Jordanian immigrants, told Bustle that she saw Omar and Tlaib as role models for national leadership and has developed a friendship with both legislators. Ahead of her run, Al-Khatahtbeh said, Omar called and gave her an “amazing pep talk.”

“For us, as women of color, once we get in there, we have to open the door for others to follow,” Al-Khatahtbeh said. “She told me to expect that some people I counted on are going to let me down, but that (will) be counteracted by people coming out of the woodwork to have my back. That is sure to overpower anything else.”


One thought on “MuslimGirl founder Amani Al-Khatahtbeh announces congressional run in New Jersey

  1. Not another Muslim burrowing a way into government office. Danger ahead.
    America is having exactly the same problems with Islam that the UK and Europe are having. By taking advantage of a secular democratic system these Muslims standing for government office are Md’s Trojan Horses. Once in office they will undermine the none Islamic way of life and insidiously try to introduce Sharia Law and we all know what will happen then. All the progress that western society has gained through separation of religion and state will be underminded as Sharia dictates every aspect of human life. If people don’t understand what the implementation of Sharia will entail, l they should read the Koran and Hadith. Execution of gays being thrown from high buildings. Killing of Kafirs and Jews amputation of the limbs of theives and stoning of women!!
    The current bout of $18 million for Muslim candidates is coming from the House of Saud and its Wahhabi Salafist preachers. Money gained from their global oil sales wealth.
    Here is an example of a London borough after an Islamic clique got control. Bit like your American Somali Ilyan Omar who is constantly abusig the country that gave her shelter and a political position caused by ghettoising immigrants. This is global Jihad. Be aware.


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