Muslim Woman Running For Coral Springs City Commission

Muslim Woman Running For Coral Springs City Commission

Noor Fawzy is a Democratic candidate for Coral Springs City Commission, Seat 3.

Fawzy is a muslim attorney and the daughter of Palestinian immigrants.

Fawzy announced her candidacy on Facebook:

Family, friends, and colleagues, I hope you’re well. I am excited to announce my candidacy for the Coral Springs City Commission. The election is November 3, 2020.

I moved to Coral Springs when I was nine years-old. My parents became homeowners for the first time in Coral Springs. My father started his first small business in Coral Springs. I participated in my first youth sports league here in Coral Springs. I credit my upbringing and the quality education that I received growing up in Coral Springs to me becoming the first lawyer in my family. I learned early on that goals, coupled with hard work and opportunity, leads to success. It all happened here in Coral Springs. It is because I am so grateful for the opportunities my family and I received here in Coral Springs that I am running to serve as your next city commissioner, to work to ensure that every family in Coral Springs will have these opportunities and more.

I am running to make the City of Coral Springs the city of the future. As your next city commissioner, I will work with the city commission to make Coral Springs the pioneer of local government, based on policy solutions that are effective and unique, yet simple and practical. From economic growth, to infrastructure development, to public safety, to social programs, I will work to make Coral Springs the gold standard, the model city, for how government should operate. This is my vision for Coral Springs.

I invite you to join this campaign. I look forward to serving the residents of Coral Springs as your next city commissioner, a city that I have called home for almost 20 years and a city that will forever be my home.

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One thought on “Muslim Woman Running For Coral Springs City Commission

  1. I like her photo with the ‘State of Palestine’ in front of her. Says it all. Another Muslim Trojan Horse burrowing her way into government administaaration and to attack the secular society while using ‘Taqiya’ to hide her aim of Sharia in the USA and Europe. No doubt if you attack her arguments she will accuse you of racism, Islamophobia and so on to close down any debate.
    We have a similar one self confessed communist racist, Ash Sarkar in the UK.

    There is a concerted attack by these dangerous political racist idiots. They use race baiting as a weapon to close down any discussion and win arguement trying to initiate ‘white’ guilt through their use of selective history.
    An MP, Lisa Nandy from a northern English town, Wigan, whose father made a good living out of the race relations industry plays a similar game, emphasising her mixed race to get the left and south Asian and Muslim votes.


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