Daughter Of Domestic Terrorist Defeated In Illinois Election

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Ameena Nuur Matthews was defeated in the Democratic primary election for Illinois’ 1st Congressional District on March 17th 2020.

Matthews’ father is Jeff Fort AKA Abdul Malik Ka’bah, co-founder of the Black P. Stones gang and founder of its El Rukn faction. Fort was sentenced to 168 years in prison after conspiring with Libya to perform acts of domestic terrorism.

Not only is Mathews’ father a gangster and terrorist, but Matthews’ herself was a gang member.

According to reports, “Her father is Jeff Fort, a co-founder of the Black P. Stones gang and founder of El Rukn. He is serving 168 years in prison for agreeing to commit domestic terrorism in exchange for $2.5 million from Libya. Matthews, too, was a gang member. She has said publicly that her children and her Muslim faith pulled her off the streets and guided her toward her peace work.”

Matthews was defeated by Incumbent Bobby Rush. She received only 8% of the vote, being the least amount of votes received out of the four Democratic candidates.

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