Pakistani Democratic Socialist Muslim To Face Nancy Pelosi In General Election

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Shahid Buttar, a Pakistani muslim lawyer, will face Nancy Pelosi for the 12th Congressional district seat in the California general election. Buttar advanced to the general election after coming in second place in the primary election. Buttar received 15,645 (12.7%) votes, while Pelosi received 89,460 (72.5%) votes in the March primary.

Buttar claims that Pelosi is too soft on President Trump and argues that Pelosi is not progressive enough to represent San Francisco.

According to The San Francisco Chronicle:

Buttar said his first goal is to convince voters that Pelosi’s resistance to the Trump administration is “theatrical” and that the speaker is “actively emboldening the Trump administration.”

According to, Buttar has stated that Pelosi was born with a silver spoon in her mouth, whereas he was born to (Pakistani) immigrants in the U.K., later immigrating to the U.S. and struggling financially. Buttar stated:

Pelosi was born with a silver spoon in her mouth, a daughter of a political family who went on to amass immense wealth and build a political dynasty on the backs of the working San Franciscans whose interests she has abandoned during her career inside the beltway.

He went on:

In contrast, I was born to immigrants in the U.K., became an immigrant myself to the U.S., and struggled through our family losing our home and not having money to pay for college, long before offering to represent my neighbors in Washington.

On Buttar’s website he calls President Trump a “maniacal president” and says that “San Francisco needs a representative in Washington for whom “resistance” is more than just a hashtag.”

Buttar wrote:

Especially under this maniacal president, San Francisco needs a representative in Washington for whom “resistance” is more than just a hashtag. It’s been a way of life for me for two decades, and I know that together, we can do better.

On Buttar’s Facebook page he describes himself as:

I’m a DJ, MC, public interest advocate, civil rights lawyer, singer, songwriter, poet, electronic music producer, dancer, grassroots organizer, and writer I’ve been kicking rhymes, building communities, and fighting the Man for over 20 years while based in Chicago, the SF Bay Area, and Washington DC. I ran Congress in 2018 to represent San Francisco in the U.S. House of Representatives and won 17,000 votes.

Buttar supports the green new deal and Rep. Pramila Jayapal’s, D-Wash., Medicare-for-All bill. Buttar claims his voice could add value – citing U.S. Representatives Ro Khanna and Ilhan Omar as individuals whose views he says are similar to his.

The general election is on November 3, 2020.

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