Hodan Hassan Kicks Off Re-election Campaign

hodan hassan re-election campaign

Hodan Hassan Kicks Off Re-election Campaign

Minnesota State Representative Hodan Hassan recently kicked off her re-election campaign for Minnesota House of Representatives, District 62A.

In a speech posted on Facebook, Hassan wrote:

Two years ago this month, in this exact space we announced our campaign. A campaign that was rooted in community and love. A campaign that highlighted our strengths and unity. A campaign we were all proud of. It was one of the most joyous moments of my life, as well as the most challenging. Of course the end results were fruitful, thanks to each and everyone of you. You fought along side with me, some of you cried with me when the tough got tougher. It is because of our collective efforts that I am standing here tonight as your state representative. A collective efforts that echoed on the importance of having true representation. As I have said before, if you aren’t speaking for everyone; you shouldn’t have a platform to speak.
This journey was absolutely necessary to stand up for our values, to bring our voices to the table, and to keep on fighting for what we believe to be One Minnesota Value. We must continue working towards better outcomes and I believe that is the threshold of our work.
After serving a year, I can safely say I have fought a hard fight. It has been a learning curve for me as I glanced at the disparities faced by many of our community members, and figure out ways to fight for equity in housing, equity in education, equity in healthcare, and never stop fighting for racial equity.

My work at the capitol has been focused on closing the disparity gaps in every sector of life. Being a champion for economic opportunities and most of all being a voice to be reckon with has been the highlight of my work. When my republican colleagues spoke in the house chambers uttering racist and islamophobic rhetoric, l had no problem rising up to put an end to that. When it was time to decide investments in our communities, I was there to fight for equity dollars for communities of color and indigenous communities.
We did some amazing work and we still have more work to do. We have to tackle the opioid crisis and save our young people from a hard life. We have to create resources for our youngsters, so they do not choice a life of a crime. We need a better housing, so our unhoused individuals can have a place to call home. A better opportunities for our small business community to flourish and be successful. A more effective way to deal with the healthcare crisis and most importantly a better way for our communities to feel safe interacting with the police.
We have many tasks ahead and no one accomplishes every task in the span of a year, so I ask you to support me again as your state legislator and we will continue the work we started together.
#LetTheWorkContinue #MnLeg2020

Hassan, a former refugee from Somalia, was first elected to Minnesota House of Representatives in November 2018. She was sworn into office on a quran in January 2019.

Hassan has been under fire several times, including while running for office, when a video emerged of Hassan claiming that muslims are the real victims of the September 11th terror attacks.

Shortly after taking office, Hassan wrote a letter in support of probation for Mohamed Noor, the ex-Minneapolis police officer who shot and killed Justine Ruszczyk Damond while on duty in July 2017. Hassan asked the Judge to consider “Noor as a father, a sibling, a husband and a wonderful community member who have been a fine example of what a productive member of society looks like.”

More recently, Hassan lashed out at a Republican Congressman after he jokingly stated that everyone should eat pork. Hassan responded with telling the Congressman that he will “rotten in hell” and that his “hateful heart will eventually stop beating as you continue to fill it with agenda to ostracize Muslims.”

Unsurprisingly, Hassan is close friends with Ilhan Omar and Keith Ellison.

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