Muslim Woman Running For Delaware House Of Representatives

Muslim Woman Running For Delaware House Of Representatives

Madinah Wilson-Anton is a Democratic candidate for Delaware State Representative in the 26th District.

According to Madinah‘s website:

Madinah grew up in the 26th district, where she lives with her family. She attended Gauger-Cobbs Middle School and graduated from the Charter School of Wilmington. Madinah is an alumna of the University of Delaware and holds a bachelor’s degree in International Relations and Asian Studies. She has formally studied Arabic, Chinese, French, and Spanish.

While at the University of Delaware, Madinah was actively involved in several campus organizations where she held leadership positions, including the Muslim Student Association, Students for Justice in Palestine, and her sorority Lambda Pi Chi.

She worked for two years as a legislative fellow in the state legislature, and an additional year as a legislative aide for the 26th and 27th districts. In this capacity, she communicated with residents and helped them with a variety of issues. This experience gave her first-hand exposure to the issues and concerns of her fellow community members.

Currently, Madinah works as a policy analyst at the Biden Institute, while she pursues a master’s degree in Urban Affairs and Public Policy.

Our Platform


Madinah attended middle school in the district but her parents opted to send her to a charter high school. Her husband graduated from a public high school, and their high school experiences differed immensely.

Their different experiences were due in part to Delaware’s current funding system, which is outdated and fails to direct more funds to students in poverty even though these students experience greater challenges in the classroom.

Reform the education funding system to adequately meet student and community needs.

Roughly half of Christina students are considered low income, but the district does not receive more funding from the state than other nearby districts.

To make up for the lack of in-state funding, Christina taxpayers are repeatedly asked to vote for local property tax increases.

Delaware needs to modernize the funding formula so that funding is tied to the needs of students and recognizes local wealth differences.

Ensure that every child has access to quality early education.

Children who participate in high-quality early education programs are more likely to be prepared for kindergarten and graduate high school.

Delaware should ensure that every child has a quality early start by enacting universal pre-k.

Promote affordable pathways to college and career.

Programs that help students obtain a debt-free degree like the SEED and INSPIRE scholarships should be expanded.

Because not all careers require a college degree, Delaware should expand career and technical education, including apprenticeship programs and credential programs.

Economic Justice

Madinah recognizes that we are living in an unprecedented time of income inequality in Delaware and throughout the country. For too long, our government has done more to protect corporations than working people.

The time has come to bring fairness to our tax code and make sure the wealthy pay their fair share. Bringing economic justice to Delaware also means making sure that every person receives a fair wage and is able to support themselves and their families.

Support workers by enacting a $15 minimum wage and protecting labor unions.

No person should work full time and struggle to pay rent or put food on the table. The time has come to raise the minimum wage to a livable wage – at least $15/hr, tied to the cost of living.

Protect workers by strengthening labor unions and fighting the “right to work” laws that make it hard for workers to organize in their workplaces.

Get rid of the “youth and training wage” that encourages exploitation of younger or temporary workers.

Create a progressive taxation system.

Reform Delaware’s income tax brackets so that the wealthy pay their fair share.

Remove unfair fines and fees that criminalize poverty and burden low-income communities.

End corporate welfare.

Delaware must stop giving taxpayer money away to corporations without any guaranteed investment in our community.

Increase accountability so that public money is not being misused by private companies.


Madinah believes that healthcare is a human right and supports Medicare-for-all. In Delaware and throughout the country, healthcare costs continue to rise while health outcomes continue to get worse. Our nation’s healthcare system is fundamentally broken and repairing it requires structural change.

Guarantee that every Delawarean has quality, affordable healthcare.

Establish a public option or state-wide Medicaid buy-in in Delaware.

Make prescription drugs more affordable.

Confront the opioid crisis by investing in treatment and prevention.

Reduce Delaware’s overdose rate, which is currently the sixth-highest in the country, by increasing access to addiction treatment.

Expand funding for overdose reversal medicines like Narcan.

Work to end the stigma of addiction in our communities.


Madinah believes that everyone deserves a safe place to call home. But for too many people in RD 26, their access to housing is constantly under threat. In manufactured housing communities, like Glasgow Courts, tenants own their homes but not the land it rests on. This means they can be evicted any month if the landowner sells the property to a developer. In other rental properties, leases can be changed unexpectedly leaving families in dire situations.

To make sure that everyone has a roof over their head, we need to expand protections and make sure that everyone has the opportunity to either own their home or own their neighborhoods as a community.

Create a new Tenants’ Bill of Rights.

Expand the rights of tenants to provide more secure housing.

Increase resources to enforce tenant protections.

Address manufactured housing issues.

Pass laws enforcing more accountability for landowners who rent to manufactured housing residents.

Promote access to the resources needed for residents to organize and move towards a resident-owned community.

Increase access to homeownership for historically underprivileged groups and young people.

Green New Deal for Delaware

Madinah realizes that our collective failure to protect the planet is going to affect generations to come. And it’s not just that; today, many Delawareans are exposed to toxic pollutants and unclean water, while the companies that are responsible for the damage are rarely held accountable.

Every Delawarean deserves clean water and air. Madinah believes in investing in green job creation to both protect our environment and revitalize our economy.

Move to 100% renewables by 2050.

Maintain and expand the solar carveout to bring more manufacturing jobs to Delaware.

Create a comprehensive plan for clean energy and clean transportation that takes input from the groups most affected.

Make sure the benefits of the green economy go to everyone.

Create a Green Bank to finance new renewable development, especially in low-income communities.

Expand grants and subsidies for community solar projects.

Expand and fund programs to retrofit old buildings

Create a healthy environment for every Delawarean.

Pass a Green Amendment to make clean water, clean air, and a health environment a constitutional right

Require cumulative health risk assessments for new industry

Strengthen complete communities legislation to ensure walkable/bikeable infrastructure and reduce sprawl

Madinah is endorsed by Emgage PAC, one of many organizations aimed at increasing the number of muslims serving in the U.S. Government.

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