Palestinian Muslim Woman Running To Be Manhattan’s Next District Attorney


Palestinian Muslim Woman Running To Be Manhattan’s Next District Attorney

Tahanie Aboushi, a Palestinian muslim woman, is running to be the next District Attorney of Manhattan.

Aboushi says she’s running for Manhattan District Attorney to end discriminatory policy and to transform our justice system.

I am running for Manhattan District Attorney to end a history of discriminatory policy and to transform our justice system from one that targets historically marginalized communities into one that uplifts and builds up our neighbors and neighborhoods. She will work every day to decarcerate and invest in our communities, build schools instead of cages, and change the role of the District Attorney to center the communities harmed by the prison-industrial complex. She will make the office transparent, participatory and accountable to the public.

As a lawyer, Aboushi once defended three muslim women who sued NYC after being told to take off their hijabs for mugshots after being arrested. The lawsuit was settled and the women received $180,000.

Aboushi is endorsed Linda Sarsour. In a Facebook post, Sarsour wrote:

What a time to be alive. History unfolding before our very eyes.

When they say it’s not our time, we say it’s always the right time to send a qualified, brilliant, bold woman of color to lead.

Tahanie Aboushi is a Palestinian Muslim American pure New Yorker, an attorney, a litigator, an activist and advocate and she’s running to be Manhattan’s next District Attorney. Yes, you heard that right.

She’s FEARLESS. She’s full of love and commitment. She’s also full of life experiences that makes her a perfect candidate as a daughter whose father was incarcerated for twenty years in a federal prison. She and her nine siblings know firsthand what it feels like when you are far away from a man who loves you and is missing your birthdays, graduations, your joy and your pain. Thankfully her father was released last year and is now witnessing Tahanie announce this historic run.

She is our Palestinian great great great grandmothers wildest dream manifested and I couldn’t be any more honored to know this remarkable human being.

Don’t sit on the sidelines. Make history with us. Say you were a part of it from the beginning. Tahanie is a hustler. She will do everything she can to win, she never gets tired, she never gets weary cause she knows what’s at stake. She knows what needs to be changed and she can’t get there fast enough to change it.

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