Video: Trans Activist Jessica Yaniv Assaults Journalist

Video: Trans Activist Jessica Yaniv Assaults Journalist

Canadian Trans Activist “Jessica” Yaniv is at it again.

You may remember Yaniv made headlines after he organized a topless swim party for teens, or when he attempted to sue a Beautician for refusing to give him a Brazilian wax, or when he complained because a Gynecologist refused to see him.

Unsurprisingly, Yaniv is back in the news, and for once it’s not for trying to force people to touch his balls. Instead, Yaniv has moved onto assaulting journalists.

Rebel Media Journalist Keean Bexte was assaulted by Yaniv, as Yaniv left the courthouse after appearing in court for prohibited weapons charges. The incident was caught on video, which shows Yaniv charge at Bexte and violently attack him. Yaniv punched Bexte in the back of the head, which according to Bexte, resulted in a Splitting headache. Bexte tweeted, “Splitting headache. Do Alberta healthcare cards work in BC? Fuck Yaniv. No real woman can punch that hard.”

Yaniv doesn’t seem to regret his actions though. In a Tweet, Yaniv wrote, “A girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do. ❤ #LGBTQ”. To which Bexte replied, “I’ve never seen a girl hit like that. Tbh you’re more manly than most men, and you belong behind bars. I’ll be seeing you in court, and I’ll visit you in prison. No tampons in mens prison! Sad!”

See video below:

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