Muslim Woman Seeks Election To Colorado House Of Representatives

Iman Jodeh

Muslim Woman Seeks Election To Colorado House Of Representatives

Iman Jodeh (Democrat) is running for Colorado House of Representatives, District 41 in the 2020 election.

Jodeh is the daughter of muslim Palestinian refugees. Her father, a faith leader and mother, a former Sunday school teacher for over 30 years.

According to reports, Jodeh operates the educational nonprofit Meet the Middle East and serves as the first female spokesperson for the Colorado Muslim Society and as the deputy policy adviser for the Interfaith Alliance of Colorado.

When asked why she is running for office, Jodeh replied:

It’s time. There are 75,000 Muslims in Colorado, and that number is growing. Islam is slated to be the second largest religion in the United States by 2040. We have an obligation as Americans and Coloradans to get to know our neighbors. In this instance, we have an obligation to ensure equal representation. And I’m a person who can represent a large portion of this growing community.

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  1. Due to Islam Kuran book teachings of murder rape genocide of Christians Jews non believer’s of Islam No Islam follower can ever be trusted.

    If you vote for a Muslim, you’re voting for:
    Female Genital Mutilation (FGM)
    Legalizing pedophilia
    Legalizing child marriage
    Killing everyone who is gay
    Making all women property of men
    Either killing or making slaves of all non Muslims
    Banning the Constitution and making Sharia the law of the land

  3. I wonder how many of those 75,000 Muslims in Colorado even work at all? Glad I don’t live in her proximity, I see another potential AOC building in Colorado, one where the majority of Muslims have absolutely no idea of all the sacrifices that it took to make America the greatest country in the world..This is mainly because they are too busy building their Muslim base, while feeding off of our hard working Americans…Please don’t vote them in, let’s every American truly vote!!

  4. fkk no ! Have we not learned enough ?? Colorado needs to go red again.Tired of all these fake elections with illegals , dead ppl and then that kind is bound to the destruction of our nation ..totally pissed off …look at the ones right now in congress…total terrorist supporters and as anti American as you can get :O(

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