Muslims Elected To The U.S. Government In 2019

muslims elected in 2019

Muslims elected to the U.S. Government in 2019:

Fadwa Hammoud was appointed Solicitor General of Michigan by Michigan’s Attorney General Dana Nessel, in Jan. 2019.

Hammoud is the first Arab muslim person to hold this seat.

Hammoud was sworn into office on the quran.

Sadaf Jaffer was elected Mayor of Montgomery Township, New Jersey, in Jan. 2019. She is the first female muslim Mayor in the U.S.

Jaffer and 3 other New Jersey muslim Mayors were honored by CAIR. 

Deedra Abboud was elected to the Arizona Democratic Party Vice Chair on Jan. 26th 2019. 

Abboud is a muslim convert who has worked for the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) & the Muslim American Society (MAS).

Movita Johnson-Harrell was elected to Pennsylvania State House, District 190, on March 12th 2019.

Johnson-Harrell is the first muslim woman elected as State Representative in Pennsylvania.

Johnson-Harrell is the Founder of The CHARLES Foundation, which advocates for more gun laws.

Johnson-Harrell was swron into office on the quran.

CAIR and Linda Sarsour celebrated Johnson-Harrell’s win. 

Samba Baldeh was re-elected as alderman in district 17 for the Madison City Council, in Wisconsin, in April 2019. Baldeh was first elected in 2015.

Baldeh is a muslim immigrant from Gambia.

Syed Abbas was elected as a District 12 member of the Madison Common Council in Wisconsin, in April 2019.

Abbas a muslim immigrant from Pakistan.

Minza Karim was elected as a member of the Middleton-Cross Plains Board of Education in Wisconsin, in April 2019.

Akram Khan was elected as a Mequon school board member on April 2, 2019.

Omar Sabir was elected to Philadelphia City Commissioner in Pennsylvania on May 21, 2019.

Sabir is a muslim man who was endorsed by Emgage Action, an organization with the goal of increasing the number of Muslim Americans serving in government at all levels.

Naushad Kermally was elected to Sugar Land City Council, District 2, on June 8th 2019.

Kermally is a muslim man who was born in Kampala, Uganda and his parents were born in India.

Zulfat Suara, a muslim Nigerian immigrant, was elected to the Nashville Metro Council on Aug. 1st 2019.

Suara is chair of the American Muslim Advisory Council (AMAC).

Suara was sworn into office on the quran.


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