Muslim Candidate Defeated In North Carolina Election

Muslim Candidate Defeated In North Carolina Election

Zainab Baloch, a 28-year-old muslim of Pakistani descent, has been defeated in the Mayoral election in Raleigh, North Carolina. Baloch lost in the general election on October 8, 2019.

In a post on Facebook Baloch wrote:

This isn’t a sprint, it’s a marathon. We lost, but we’ve built a movement unheard of not just in Raleigh, but in Southern history. We brought together communities of interest (who rarely interacted in the past), come together inspired to be involved in Raleigh’s future.

With a small but mighty team (seriously) with significantly less funding than any of the leading candidates – we have businesses, student groups, people who have never been involved in local politics before stand in full support of our progressive moral platform.

I am not stopping here, and I’m counting on y’all to build on the people power we’ve created. The issues still exist which means we’ve got to switch to organizing and holding our elected officials accountable. But, tonight we rest. More to come tomorrow! Good night y’all!!!!

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Muslim Candidate Defeated In North Carolina

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26 thoughts on “Muslim Candidate Defeated In North Carolina Election

  1. This Foreign movement is dead in it’s tracks. With what we have SEEN in the US Congress the entire Country is now aware of what happened. These people wont change NOR become Americans. They are disruptive and want massive change, all driven by THEIR radical misinterpretation of their CORAN! Thank you North Caroline.


      1. We should get a petition up that no Muslims can run for any public office. This country was founded on CHRISTIANITY NOT ISLAMIC BELIEVES THERE IS ONLY ONE GOD. Allah is not a God


      2. No. The Muslims want to take over America and make it a Muslim country. She is also a proponent of eliminating single-family housing zoning. Read articles about her candidacy to see her views. She is smart and dangerous. We must be wary of Muslims. Thomas Jefferson fought them (the Barbary Pirates were muslims) and clearly warned us about them. He was right then, and is still right today.


  2. Good for the people of N. Carolina.

    Don’t be fooled, Muslim leaders are here for one reason and that’s to implement a very dangerous and destructive Sharia Law. It’s not a religion but a belief. That belief includes removing all christians and gays. Also, all woman are considered second class citizens.

    Dont be fooled, they will lie and you must not become a victim.


  3. A step in the right direction. Stopping this onslaught of Muslim infiltrators is imperative to the survival of America.


    1. True, If they want to live that way ,they need to go back to the Country they came from, instead of coming to our Country and trying to change us, if i believed like they do I would move to their Country.Can you see us trying to change them, they would behead us.


  4. They should not have the right to run for any government office it’s so obvious that the Muslims are trying to take our country from us. It’s as plain as night and day what they are doing. Have you forgot how the Muslims celebrating when the trade Center building fell to the ground. They should have been sent back where they came from with a foot all up in their asses. This country is getting to soft


  5. Last thing on earth I want besides a somali politician is a pakistani politician. Two of the worst countries on earth for both women and non muslims or even muslims who aren’t sunni. Somalia has eliminated through genocide all but a couple hundred christians who just living in hiding – burned or smashed down every church, school, health clinic, orphanage related to churches, killed the priests & nuns, the non-catholic somali preachers & their wives & kids – horrifically I might add. Pakistan, well they had so many more to get rid of than 13,000 christians in Somalia slaughtered – but they have worked so hard to get rid of all non-muslims & now christians are just 1.69% & hindus 0.76% & sikhs so low in numbers you will not find a percentage of the population listed.

    They come here and act all ‘togetherness’ and “we’re progressive” (and moral she says) but they are LIARS!! They hate you, ,they hate us, they hate other muslims of different sects, they have ONLY their own interests in mind. That whole ‘this is a marathon, not a sprint’ reminds me of the muslim brotherhood and alludes to creeping sharia.


  6. The obama era started all this crap. You let one in and they all want in. With what I see about the radical left of what is supposed to be American heritage, we are all in trouble if any more get in our government and our schools are not teaching our children about democracy they’re teaching them socialism, racism, and greed, that is not the things I was taught.And if we want our country back we better start fighting for it now.


  7. we have a bunch of the muslims in our white house per Obama the friggin muslim…we must carry,,,, and we must physically throw them out of our white house…that will end this charade..


  8. Saying Ya’ll like she’s a southerner!!! That makes my skin crawl! She is so fake and nothing but a snake in the grass. Stick to an American.


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