Muslim Candidate Challenges AOC For Seat In Congress

Badrun Nahar Khan is a Democratic candidate running for Congress in New York, District 14.

Khan, a Bangladeshi muslim woman who grew up in Manhattan, is challenging Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez for her seat in Congress in the 2020 election.

During a recent speech, Khan told her supporters that she is running to represent Bangladeshi American’s in Congress. Khan went onto say she hopes to one day see a Bangladeshi American as President.

During the speech, Khan told her supporters:

I am running for Congressional election 14 which is Bronx and Queens. Inshallah in 2020 we need to represent in the United States Congress. Bangladesh has come way beyond, my family came in 1947 and we have people that have come again and again and our children are being raised here, so we need the government to know we’re here and we’re here to represent and we’re here to stay, we’re not going anywhere! So what we need, we need medical, we need immigration, we need housing, we need all of that, because we’re basic Americans. What everybody needs, everyone needs. So I want our community to come out and support everyone who comes from our district, you don’t need to be from the district, support the Bangladeshi’s that are coming out, myself and any others coming out, because we want to stand together united and say today we want to be represented in the United States Congress! Thats what we want, what we’re looking for our children to say you know what we have a state governemnt, we have a governor, inshallah someday we may have a president, we don’t know. Our children are being raised here. we have a lot of issues, we have drug issues we have medical issues, we have everything that American citizen has and what we need, we want people to come out and vote. 2020 is our election! Please come out and applaud our community. We need to stand together. If we stand together we will fulfil our dreams.

During another speech, Khan told her supporters that it was time for the Bangladeshi community to rise and shine, change Congress and make new laws.

Khan told her supporters:

I want in the upcoming election everyone please help me, help our community to rise and shine. Get the results, let’s change Congress, let’s make new laws where we can do something for ourselves.


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4 thoughts on “Muslim Candidate Challenges AOC For Seat In Congress

  1. Exactly what in our laws prevents them from rising and shining and making something out of themselves and their communities? Nothing. But, they want to change Congress and the laws? Think on what she is saying. Fundamentally changing our country, the laws and the Constitution to what exactly? It works very well actually. Leave it alone. There is nothing impeding progress for your community expcept yourselves.


  2. But says nothing about the ethnic minority hill tribe people of Bangladesh – which are being systematically exterminated by the Muslims.


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