Muslim running for Congress: “We’re done waiting, it’s our turn now”

Solomon Rajput is a 27-year-old muslim man running for Congress in Michigan. Rajput is challenging U.S. Rep. Debbie Dingell in Michigan’s 12th congressional district in 2020.

Recently Rajput released a campaign video on Facebook saying, “We’re done waiting, it’s our turn now.”

See video below:

Read more about Rajput here


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    • No Muslim should be allowed into our Christian nation.
      Read your Quran people..
      There only goal is to kill everyone who will not now to there God …

  1. He is not an American. He is a kid of middle eastern heritage and his family needs to go back home. There is a reason those Islamic countries are a mess. And they think bringing their mess here is great. No decent person would use him as a doctor. Self entitled twit.

  2. They are doing what they are told to do – conquer and subjugate. They become citizens of other countries, by lying that they swear allegiance to our country. Lying is permitted, in their religion, you know, as long as it is to an infidel. They’ll promise whatever they have to, to advance to positions of power, so they can conquer from within. The Trojan Horse has been accepted into the United States, in the form of Muslim “refugees”. They are only here to do their part to conquer from within.

  3. Nope. We will never ever elect another Muslim ever again. The first three ruined it for you and everyone else. Sorry

  4. I agree go back to the country which is Eastern Muslim Countries. Our founding fathers came here to Make this country better-

    Go back take all Middle Eastern and make it better for your families – & teach young people How to make things Great 👍. Ok. Try it you might like it, be a good honest kind man.

    This is A Christian Country / Nation. Go start a Christian Country. God will Help you. Give Jesus a chance in your ♥️ heart. He will bless you. God blessed America because Our founding Fathers did that….

  5. You are not representative of what this country was founded on, for, or is. May you receive your 64 virgins before the year 2020 with my blessings.

  6. Simply put, I would never vote for someone who should get sworn in by the Koran, or think that 9/11, was just another day.. I hope this candidate loses by a wide margin.

  7. You may be raised here but your not American and after listening to your partners no thanks take your education and leave