27-Year-Old Muslim Running For Congress

27-Year-Old Muslim Running For Congress

Solomon Rajput, a 27-year-old muslim man, has announced plans to challenge U.S. Rep. Debbie Dingell in Michigan’s 12th congressional district in 2020.

Rajput is a self-described progressive and the son of Pakistani immigrants.

Rajput supports The Green New Deal, Tuition-Free College & Canceling Student Debt and Medicare for All.

Rajput supported Bernie Sanders in the 2016, but after Sanders lost the primary election, Rajput became a field organizer for Hillary Clinton. After Donald Trump defeated Hillary Clinton in the general election, Rajput founded an activist organization called Michigan Resistance.

According to reports, when asked why he is running for Congress, Rajput stated, “I’m running because we have all these really big problems going on — things like climate change, money in politics, and the cost of college tuition — but Debbie and the political elite isn’t doing anything about it. They keep telling us to wait”

Update: Muslim Man Defeated in Michigan Congressional Election

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14 thoughts on “27-Year-Old Muslim Running For Congress

  1. Muslims because of their beliefs do not belongs in our Government,nor should they be able to run in a Christian valued nation!


  2. sorry no more Muslim congress members after all they all knew what was going to happened on 9/11 and none of them did anything to stop it now they want to take over our government !


    If you vote for a Muslim, you’re voting for:
    Female Genital Mutilation (FGM)
    Legalizing pedophilia
    Legalizing child marriage
    Killing everyone who is gay
    Making all women property of men
    Either killing or making slaves of all non Muslims
    Banning the Constitution and making Sharia the law of the land


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