Muslim man running for Weston City Commission, Seat 2

Muslim man running for Weston City Commission, Seat 2

Saad Khan, a 27-year-old muslim man, is running for Weston City Commission, Seat 2, in Florida.

According to Khan’s website:

Since graduating, Saad has been very active in advocacy, political campaigning, and grassroots organizing. Having worked or assisted on a number of local, state, and presidential campaigns, he has developed a keen understanding of what people look for when making decisions which impact their lives and that of their families.

On Khan’s Facebook page, it states:

I am running because I plan on staying. I plan on building a family, residing, socializing, and working in Weston for the foreseeable future. As such I want to do everything I can to ensure it continues to stay prosperous, serene, and growing. This city has played a part in making me the person I am today, and I want future families to experience what makes this city so special.

Having worked on legislation and advocacy work, I feel I am particularly suited to strike a balance between getting things done, and getting them done right to best serve all Westonians. 

Our city will soon have a Commission made up of individuals who don’t have much governing experience. We should see this as an opportunity to bring forth fresh ideas, new perspectives, and a vision for the future. I am running because I plan on making that future as bright as possible.

The Primary Election is on August 25th 2020 and the General Election is on November 3rd 2020.

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