Video: Muslims Stone Christian Preachers In Dearborn, MI

Muslims Stone Christian Preachers In Dearborn, MI

12 thoughts on “Video: Muslims Stone Christian Preachers In Dearborn, MI

  1. This is from 2012,….?? proves two things,…Dearborn Police are worthless POS’s and muslim scum needs to be eliminated. But we already knew that. Napalm would solve what Dearborn has become.


  2. This is heart braking. Our Country is being taken over little by little. But the question is what can we do about it?


    1. Agreed, it is too bad that the government is blind to this. If any of us citizens try to stop it that is when the government goes into action. Against us instead of those that they should have stopped years ago. With the twisted set of values we have today it will be a miracle if we survive as a nation.


    2. What can we do, you have the power to get educated, engage in our form of govenrment and communicate with those in office. Move to get people to engage to remove the 501(c) from Isam. Move to communicate with those in office about law enforcement not protecting people’s First Amendment Rights. The video should something that gets you mad not afraid. Understand, Islam moves in these tactics to have those they want to move to Sharia Law and Islamic state in fear and not being able to help themselves. Will you allow this to happen. Stand up and get workng to defend this nation.


  3. DEPORT them ALL!!!!!!!! There should NEVER be a no go zone in our country!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! These people are ANIMALS!!!!!


  4. Very good video need more Christian’s with you. America is a free Country you can walk and talk as you want.


  5. About that time guns should have been drawn…these Christian’s have a right to protect themselves from bodily harm.. .and these idiots. They need to be deported.


  6. Islam is illegal in America! It is called the McCarthy act. It’s been an illegal since 1952! Look it up. The Democrat liberal regime is taking money from the Saudis and the Arabic Nations in exchange for turning their back on America and keeping us burning fossil fuel. Follow the money Trail


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