Minneapolis Muslims: Sharia law is better than American laws


11 thoughts on “Minneapolis Muslims: Sharia law is better than American laws

  1. The idiots Don’t believe it even when they hear it straight from their mouths or they just don’t care. Maybe they think it can’t happen here. I never thought men would be allowed in women’s locker rooms or bathrooms either but look where we are!!!

  2. Only the MAGA hat wearers are panicking over this. The Trump cult loves to take an issue, blow it out of proportion and post to social media to make a lot of noise. Similar to the “murderers and rapists” comment from your Dear Leader about the CARAVANS invading our southern border. You guys need to get a life.

    1. It has nothing to do with MAGA, curb your hatred for minute. It has to do with another culture living in America that does not wish to assimilate into our culture. ‘Melting pot’, ever hear of that concept? I’m pretty certain you wouldn’t want Sharia law either, I know I don’t.
      If they wish to live in America they shouldn’t minimum adapt to our culture, not the other way around. Assimilate means to adapt to or blend in.

  3. Anonymous: Bold Talk for from a Coward who hides his/her name from the Public yes I called you a Coward!

  4. Thanks tree huggers! just wait until they realize what they’ve done they will cry oh it’s Trumps fault look at Clintons and obammys for the real promoters of sharia law!

  5. So take your perverted little butt right back to your own country and live your life if you can under sharia law because you certainly will not live under it here in America.

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