Muslim Immigrant from Pakistan files to run for Florida House of Representatives 2020

Imtiaz Ahmad Mohammad, a muslim immigrant from Pakistan, filed to run for Florida House of Representatives, District 104, for the 2020 election. Mohammad filed on November 21st 2018. As of right now, Mohammad is the only candidate that has filed to run for this seat.

Mohammad previously ran for Florida House of Representatives, District 97, but was defeated in the Primary Election in August of 2018.

As I stated in a previous article:

Mohammad came to the United States in 1991 from Pakistan and has only been a U.S. Citizen for four years.

Mohammad is the publisher of the “Asian Times,” a monthly magazine focused on South Asians living in the United States.

Mohammad is the founder of American Muslim Progressive Caucus. According to a flyer that Mohammad posted to Facebook, AMPC’s mission and vision are as follows:

Every American Muslim must register to vote and engage with American Political System to promote equality and Justice. Elect diverse candidates for the offices who respect all communities.

We envision of future where Islam is understood as a source of dignity, justice, compassion and love for all humanity and the word.

A journalist/photographer for Asian Times took to Facebook to write about bringing together people from  Bangladesh, India and Pakistan. He wrote:

The concept of bringing the people of three countries together is the vision of Imtiaz Ahmad Mohammad, who is CEO and Publisher of ASIANTIMES USA and Chairman Outreach and Membership Committee of American Muslim Democratic Caucus of Florida.The origin of the SOUTH ASIAN FESTIVALS is with the intention of bringing the people of the three countries under the AMDC so that we can participate in the politics of the country we live…

Right. In other words, “so that we can take over the U.S. Government.”

The journalist/photographer goes on to write an oath, which I doubt he means any of. Then he wrote:

It is time to understand where we stand today, who represents us, who is fighting for us in the Congress, why our own Representatives are not there.We need to unite and start participating in the politics from the grassroots level.By 2020 we will be united and we will have our representatives nominated to stand for the various positions.Our objectives are different from other Cultural and Trade Association and no one should feel to be left out, we are always ready to listen and make changes and implement for the betterment of the Community.

On an event page on Facebook, several photos were posted from a celebration that Mohammad attended. The room the celebration was held in was decorated in green and white along with several Pakistan flags. I did not see even one American Flag, though.

According to, when asked about why he is running for office, Mohammad stated, “We (muslims) do not have a presence in the political arena. My goal in running is to give people a wake-up call that we can run for office. I felt so blessed when I saw my name on the ballot.” Mohammad also stated that he is running to “represent the 186,000 Muslim registered voters in the state.” What about the other voters, Mohammad? If elected, aren’t you suppose to represent everyone, not just the muslim voters?

According to a Voter Guide, Mohammad is “in support of universal background checks and a ban on assault-style, semi-automatic weapons, bump stocks, and high capacity magazines for civilian use.” Mohammad has also stated that he wants to repeal Florida’s Stand Your Ground Law.

Mohammad has attended events with CAIR-Fl.

Mohammad spoke at a fundraiser for Asif Mahmood. Mahmood is a longtime Clinton contributor. Asif Mahmood has held fundraisers at his house for Hillary Clinton. Hillary Clinton herself and Huma Abedin attended the fundraisers. Asif Mahmood  and John Podesta have emailed each other, according to wikileaks. Asif Mahmood was a candidate for Lieutenant Governor in Ca. before dropping out and running for Insurance Commissioner. Thankfully, he lost the primary election on June 5th, 2018.

Mohammad has been at events and taken photos with Linda Sarsour, Keith Ellison, Broward County Sheriff Scott Israel and Debbie wasserman Schultz. He looks pretty chummy with all of them. Maybe close buddies?

Mohammad gave a speech at a Mosque with Nezar Hamze in attendance. Hamze is a Broward County Deputy Sheriff and a muslim convert. Hamze has gave weapon training session at a Fl. mosque and encouraged Muslims to buy firearms.

If Mohammad’s connections aren’t enough to tell you he’s bad news, then you need to #WakeUp!

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10 responses to “Muslim Immigrant from Pakistan files to run for Florida House of Representatives 2020

  1. Let’s pray some candidate will run against him. They’re edging their way into politics. They are not going to change, they promote Sharia Law and they want to kill all of us that doesn’t believe the same as they do. They have already taken over a city they want to rule the world.

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  3. Another terroist running for a gov‘t office,this is bad and getting worse,they will destroy the u.s.from the inside of our own gov‘t!


  4. I will fight against this even if I have to run against him myself!! I’m so tired of the Muslims invading our country’


  5. You can thank Obama for this, if they believe in the Quran, then they have no business in politics/ constitution. They said they were going to destroy us from within. No Sharia law is allowed on American soil. It is the devil’s way of life.


  6. Its about time we demand our government enforce the McCarrin Walters Act and get these slimes out of America . They don’t belong in our country let alone our government . With all these democrats supporting him shows you the direction they want America to go .


  7. I Think That This is Absolutely Such A Crazy Thing To Do,Muslims Are Not What is in The best Interests for Americans,They Are Worshippers of A false God!And their religion is A false religion! We need people who Are followers of Jesus christ Holding Offices in The USA Not Someone who a Believes in A false God ,Muslims One day they a Will Stand Before A true God and Be Judged by Him,Sad They will be in hell With Satan. If they Do not Choose Jesus Christ As their lord And Saviour.💔😈👎


  8. There should be no Muslin in our Government in the USA.They do not follow our laws and our rules,They do not they should be deported.


  9. No more Aid to any one, Let’s take care of Americans First if there is anything left over than we can share part of it.. All the AID and they HATE US… Why give AID to someone that HATE you and have no respect for AMERICA. Send AID TO someone that HATE you makes no sense to me… What is happening now is our reward. this is really Dumb On our part, really DUMP.. It is the People’s MONEY, not the Government’s Money, it belongs to the PEOPLE, we work hard for that money, an the government give it away, something is wrong HERE…..
    You give them a fish, you will always have to give them a fish. Guild them on how to catch Fish for them self. We are paying people to hate US. You cannot buy friend, all they do is become our ENEMY.
    And you are not doing what you are suppose to do, protect us from what is happening NOW , protect us from what is happening NOW DC NEED TO WAKE-UP…Protect the AMERICAN PEOPLE, THAT IS YOUR JOB, “NOT THE ILLEGALS”, We have STARTED, don’t stop now. An see that this does not happen AGINE. We have Law’s that are not being enforced.. “HOW COME”….”LOCK an LOAD” Is going to happen no matter WHAT… The longer we wait, the worst it is going to be.”LOCK an LOAD” it is way past TIME. They are raping our women and childern. AND killing us too. What is going to happen IF they get control ??????


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