Former DREAMer wins Election in New York

Catalina Cruz won the General Election for New York State Assembly, District 39. Cruz is the first former DREAMer elected to New York State Assembly and the third elected in the U.S.

As a child, Cruz came to the U.S. ILLEGALLY from Colombia, with her mother. Cruz lived in the U.S. ILLEGALLY for 10 years, until she married and became a legal citizen.

Cruz is against the travel ban and says she wants to “fight back against Trump’s hatred and dangerous policies.”

Cruz was endorsed by the Muslim Democratic Club of NY and Linda Sarsour. Linda Sarsour not only endorsed Cruz, but she campaigned for Cruz as well. Sarsour spoke at events in support of Cruz and phonebanked for Cruz. In a Facebook post, Sarsour wrote to her supporters, telling them to vote for Cruz. She also wrote to Cruz and told her that she loves her and called her one of her favorite human beings. It sounds like Sarsour and Cruz are close friends, which is not surprising, as Sarsour is friends with several muslims who ran in the U.S. elections.

New York State Assembly, District 39 was one of the many seats that did not have a Republican candidate running.

During the Primary Election, Cruz received 53.5% of the votes, while the incumbent, Ari Espinal received 43.2% of the votes, with a difference of only 700 votes. But in the General Election, it wasn’t as close. Cruz received 87.6% of the votes, while Espinal received only 10.4% of the votes, with a difference of 11,000 votes. I find it a bit strange that Cruz gained so many votes between primary and general but yet Espinal’s vote count dropped. With all of the voter fraud going on, I wouldn’t be surprised if this election was rigged as well.

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