Rashida Tlaib’s brother is currently on probation

In 2008 Rashida Tlaib became the first muslim Palestinian woman to serve in the Michigan Legislature. She served three terms.

Rashida is currently running for Congress in Michigan’s 13th District. No Republican candidates ran for this seat, so Tlaib will be the first muslim Palestinian U.S. Congresswoman.

Rashida has many people campaigning for her including her longtime friend, Linda Sarsour and Rashida’s brother, Rashad Harbi Elabed, also known as Ray Rashad.

In 2015, Rashida’s brother, Rashad was arrested for driving under the influence. Rashad’s offense is listed as: Operating Intoxicated/Impaired/Controlled Substance – 3rd 257.6256D.

Rashad was sentenced to 5 years probation.

Rashad’s supervision conditions are as follows:

01 – No violations of any criminal law

02 – Not leave state without permission

02.0 – Not use/possess alcohol or intoxicants

02.1 – Alcohol testing

02.7 – Must attend AA/NA/CA

02.8 – Outpatient Substance Abuse Treatment

03 – Monthly reporting

03.10 – Community Service

04 – Notify of change of residence

04.2 – You must not change residence w/o permission

04.18 – Behavior

04.20 – Not own or possess weapons

04.21 – Contact field agent

04.22 – Comply with field agent

04.23 – Allow Field Agent into your residence

04.25 – Report any arrest or police contact

05.1 – No driving

06.4 – You must make genuine efforts to find employment

08.0 – Serve jail time as described

08.1 – Pay restitution as described

08.2 – Pay a Crime Victim’s Assessment

08.3 – Pay Supervision Fee pursuant to PA 185 of 1993

08.4 – Court Cost

08.5 – Fine

08.11 – Assignment of wages until ordered assessments are paid

08.14 – Vehicle immobilization

08.18 – State Costs

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Read more about Rashida Tlaib here

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