Rashida Tlaib’s Mother says Rashida will run for President

In 2008 Rashida Tlaib became the first muslim Palestinian woman to serve in the Michigan Legislature. She served three terms.

Rashida is the daughter of Palestinian immigrants.

Rashida is part of a group “Moms against Trump.” The group of women interrupted one of Donald Trump’s rallies during the 2016 Presidential Election. Rashida screamed at Trump and as she was escorted out, she resisted by trying to pull away from security and at one point, it even looked like she tried to throw herself on the ground, so that they couldn’t drag her out. Needless to say, this woman is nuts and hates President Trump.

Recently, Rashida won the democratic primary election for Michigan’s 13th congressional district. There are no republican’s running for this seat, so Tlaib will be the first muslim palestinian U.S. Congresswoman.

But will Rashida stop at Congresswoman? Of course not.

According to Tlaib’s mother, Rashida will be running for President in 2020.

Arab News reported that Rashida’s mother said that Rashida

detests Trump and that “God willing” she will defeat him and become the next US president. “She stood up to him during his campaign. God willing, she will do it again and win.”

Read more about Rashida Tlaib here

16 thoughts on “Rashida Tlaib’s Mother says Rashida will run for President

  1. Let her waste her time and money! NO ONE CAN BEAT OUR PRESIDENT Donald J. Trump!!! No way in hell, any Legal American would ever vote for her!! She has not been sworn in on the Holy Bible and therefore she is NOT Legal! She should be shipped back to the third world shit hole that she crawled out of!


    1. agree,, this should be really entertaining..the American people don’t want her anywhere near our government!


  2. this woman is delusional, but she is not to blame, if you watch regular mockingbird media you would think Mr Trump is doing badly and can be beaten easily by almost anyone. mainstream media lies. the people know, trump is with us and NOTHING can stop what is coming. WWG1WGA!!!


  3. This is why Article 1,Section 2, Clause5 US constitution she’s not eligible. Not natural born citizen parents. Obama got a pass. The left is trying to rewrite president eligibility.


  4. Yes ! Let her run. I want to see as many Democratic contenders as possible all tearing each other’s hair out to gain the nomination ! Let’s see them expose one another and tear each other down on live TV !!!!


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