First Muslim Woman Elected to U.S. Congress

Rashida Tlaib, a muslim Palestinian American woman, won the race for Michigan’s 13th congressional district, making her the first Muslim U.S. Congresswoman.

There were no Republican candidates seeking the seat, so Rashida will not face anyone during the General Election. Since only Democrats were running for this seat, after winning the Democratic primary, Rashida will automatically fill the seat.


Read more about Rashida Tlaib here

12 thoughts on “First Muslim Woman Elected to U.S. Congress

  1. You would figure that her family that has been suspect in the 9/11 attacks would surface and immediately disqualify it from the races. Life, love, loyalty and honor are ignored by Democrats. Those qualities and also valor, are not thinks Islam holds dear, otherwise they’d not be in the ste state they’re in.


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