Muslim man running for State Senate in Michigan

Abraham Aiyash is a muslim man, who is anti President Trump and is running for State Senate in Michigan.

Aiyash is the son of Yemeni immigrants. Aiyash studied muslim studies and worked on Obama campaign at only 13 years old.

Aiyash calls himself “honest Abe.” On Aiyash’s facebook page, he has a cartoon image of a 5 dollar bill with his photo on it.

On his website it states:

No surprises. No scandals. Just Honest Abe.

Aiyash, like other muslims running in the US elections, is against President Trump. On his facebook, Aiyash wrote:

From the onset, this President and his administration have pushed forward policies rooted in xenophobia, bigotry, and “otherizing” people. His policies embody small leadership, rooted in division and bigotry.

Now more than ever, we need bold leaders that value inclusion and diversity and will work towards that more perfect Union. You may try to ban Muslims, but Muslims, like me, are running for office, and we will represent the very best of this country.

#NewEnergy is coming, and you can’t ban me.


The election is August 7, 2018


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