Property manager wrongfully terminated after tenant cries racism

On the 4th of July tenants gathered at the pool at Riverset apartments in Memphis, TN. A woman named Kam Porter was at the pool with her boyfriend and children. Her boyfriend was wearing socks in the pool and at least one of the children had on a regular diaper instead of swim diaper. The property manager, Erica Walker approached Kam and informed her that she was breaking the rules and asked that the man take off his socks. The man refused. After the tenants refused to obey the rules, the property manager called the police….and now the left is ready to grab their p*ssy hats and start marching!

Kam videotaped the incident and posted it to social media. Now the left is screaming that Ms. Walker is racist. It just so happens that Ms. Walker is white and Ms. Porter is black. But never once was race brought up by Ms. Walker. Her issue was with pool rules being broken, which is totally understandable. Socks in a pool is nasty. A regular diaper in the pool will not hold in poop. A swimming diaper is a must. Kam wasn’t only breaking pool rules but she was being disgusting and posing a health risk to others.

Since posting the video Kam and many of her friends have demanded that Ms. Walker be fired, even though Ms. Walker was simply doing her job. After much crying, fit throwing and throwing the word RACIST around, Ms. Walker has been fired.

The whole incident started because Kam and company refused to follow rules but now the left is screaming racism and an innocent woman has been fired. Apparently if a white person questions anyone who happens to be black, it now means they’re racist.


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