Political organization aims to increase the number of muslims serving in government at all levels

Emgage Action is a political organization that “seeks to mobilize its members to advocate for issues that define who American Muslims are by what they stand for.

On their website it states:

The Muslim Talent Project (MTP) seeks to identify candidates, build a sophisticated resume bank and screen for top talent. Our goal is to increase the number of Muslim Americans serving in government at all levels.

Historically, Muslim Americans have been underrepresented in the White House and Administration agencies. In an effort to increase the number of Muslims across the government, Emgage Action is working collectively to identify and nominate Muslim candidates for incoming political appointments and positions in other sectors under the Muslim Talent Project program. The new project will proactively work to streamline the process for Muslim Americans interested in serving our nation at all levels of government.
With the Muslim Talent Project, Emgage Action is building a pipeline of Muslim leaders and extending the influence of Muslims to the policy decisions that impact our communities most.








11 thoughts on “Political organization aims to increase the number of muslims serving in government at all levels

    1. What do you think? thing is they want us without guns but you NEVER hear one say they are against Radial ilamic Terrorism, In fact the one muslim that was elected to congress voted against a bill that didn’t want Terrorists to have life insurance here.. How about that one?


  1. If a Muslim is running on gun control, there can only be one reason! If they can pass gun control, then there will be no one to stop them when they want to seize control of the country to impose their sharia law over this country! There aren’t any moderate Muslims- they are all the same! They are only sleeper agents- set to move at a moments notice! They will lie to your face- it tells them in their Quran to do so and to kill any body who does knot submit to them and their demonic religion! Wake up America- read the scriptures- the Word of almighty God! It will tell you how to overcome them thru Jesus- the real Son of God! They are demons in disguise!

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  2. You are absolutely right. For God and our country, we MUST make sure that these “ENEMIES WITHIN” do NOT get into our Congress!! If they do you can kiss our freedoms and liberties goodbye!! I promise to NOT vote for any muslims or demon-rats!!!


  3. a muslim should never be in our goverment , facebook this is not a hate statement against muslims or illegal immigtants , i just don’t like them , theirs a difference between hate and dislike , facebook you should never defend these people in america , never


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