Two Inmates Escape From Palo Alto Courthouse

Two inmates are still on the run after escaping from a Palo Alto courthouse yesterday morning. Tramel Mcclough and John Bivins were both at the courthouse for hearings when they escaped. Police describe the escape as an orchestrated event. Mcclough and Bivins ran out of an emergency exit in the courthouse and jumped in a vehicle that was waiting for them. According to reports, they then drove a few blocks before abandoning the get away car, and took off in a U-Haul that was waiting for them. Police found a key outside the Courthouse in the escapees’ path.

In a Tweet by the Santa Clara Sheriff’s Office, they wrote:

“These escapees are considered “dangerous.” If seen Call 911, do not approach or attempt to apprehend. We are working w/ numerous LE partners”

Both men were reportedly being held without bail on armed robbery charges


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