Craigslist Ad Posted In Charlottesville, VA To “Spoof The KKK Rally”

Craigslist ad was posted on Aug. 9th in Charlottesville, looking for people to “Spoof The KKK Rally.” As you know A riot broke out at a rally when protesters got violent, on Aug. 12th in Charlottesville. Is this ad related? Were “KKK members” paid rioters?

The ad states: “Looking for Virginia Pep Band vets to spoof the KKK rally. I’m throwing this out there to see if it has any legs. I know it’s late in the game but if you’ve ever had a love for Charlottesville, VA then here is your mission. Don your old colors or recreate them as the case made need, find and instrument and lets spoof the KKK rally in the same way as this guy did a few years back. You know the drill… Here is a link of what I’d love to see if you’re willing to recreate it.”

See ad below:


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