Muslims Running in Upcoming Elections

Recently a friend of mine came across info on an anti police, anti Trump, muslim who is running for Mayor of Denver, Co. Another friend posted to Facebook about a muslim woman running for U.S. Senate in AZ. After hearing about this, I started wondering, just how many muslims are running in upcoming elections? I decided to look into it…Here’s what’s been found so far…

Muslims running in upcoming elections:

Abdulrahman Mohamed El-Sayed is a muslim man whose parents are immigrants from Egypt. Some people call him the “next Obama” or “Obama 2.0.” Some say he has been groomed by George Soros. On his social media accounts he has photos of himself with Bill Clinton, Maxine Waters, and Linda Sarsour. Elizabeth Warren is campaigning for him. He is running for Governor of Michigan.


Asif Mahmood is a muslim immigrant from Pakistan. He is a long time Clinton contributor. He and his wife have held fundraisers at their home for Clinton, which Hillary Clinton and Huma Abedin attended. Mahmood is anti Trump and calls himself a “triple threat” to President Trump. He openly says he will go against President Trump. His name is found on Wikileaks. He and Podesta have emailed each other. He is running for lieutenant governor of California.


Deedra Hill Abboud is a muslim convert. She is married to Ali Abboud, an immigrant from Iraq. She has worked with terror linked groups CAIR & MAS. Deedra’s campaign slogan is “United, We Rise.” She is running for U.S. Senate in Arizona.


Kayvan Khalatbari is an Iranian-American. He is pro drugs, pro sanctuary cities, anti police and anti Trump. He has photos of himself on social media, licking the American Flag. He is running for Mayor of Denver Colorado in 2019.


Deeqo Jibril is a refugee from Somalia. She is anti Trump and anti Travel ban. She is founder of the Somali Community & Cultural Association. She was also a community outreach organizer for the campaign of Elizabeth Warren in 2012. She is running for District 7 representative on the Boston City Council in Massachusetts.


Asima Azam is a muslim woman and daughter of immigrants from Pakistan. She is married to Dr. Moeed Azam.  She is running for District 3 Commissioner in the City of Orlando, Florida.


Bushra Amiwala is a 19 year old muslim woman whose parents immigrated from Pakistan. She is running for County Board Commissioner, Cook County, Illinois, District 13.


Regina Mustafa is the founder of Community Interfaith Dialogue on Islam of Rochester, MN. She is a muslim immigrant running for the 1st Congressional District, Minnesota.


Now I know some of you are going to say “Big deal. They wont win.” So let me list muslims who have ALREADY won in previous elections in the United States:


Keith Ellison is a muslim convert  and Democratic member of the U.S. House of Representatives representing Minnesota’s 5th Congressional District. Ellison was first elected to the House in 2006. He won re-election in 2012. Ellison won re-election in 2016


Ilhan Omar is a somali refugee and Democratic member of the Minnesota House of Representatives, representing District 60B. She was first elected to the chamber in 2016.


Nadeem Mazen was the first Muslim ever elected to a Massachusetts governing body and the City Council’s youngest member.


Amir Omar is a muslim man and the City Councilman for Place 7 in Richardson, Texas.


André Carson is the U.S. Representative for Indiana’s 7th congressional district.


Larry Shaw is a Democratic member of the North Carolina General Assembly representing the state’s twenty-first Senate district.


And lets not forget, we had a muslim in the White House for 8 years!




If you’re wondering my point with this article, here it is – Getting into positions of power is all part of the muslims goal to enforce sharia law. Muslims do not want to assimilate, they want to take over. They do not want to be your friend, they want to kill you. There is no such thing as a moderate muslim and there never will be. If we do not speak out, educate people and vote against these people, this will no longer be America.

Please share!

Keep in mind the information above is only what has been found over the last couple of days. I am still looking into this and will update this article with more info as I find it.






5 responses to “Muslims Running in Upcoming Elections

  1. What the hell? Their beliefs break our laws! This is treasonous to our US CONSTITUTION! They should not hols office or even be allowed to run for it! They practice Sharia! They use TAQIYYA when they speak! President Trump stop this!


  2. If all the females (I guess I can still use that word) wear niqabs, they switch out for each other. Who will ever know since you can’t see their faces.


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