Anti Trump Muslim Running for Governor of Michigan

Abdulrahman Mohamed El-Sayed AKA Abdul El-Sayed is running for Governor of Michigan. If he wins, he will be the first muslim Governor in the United States. El-Sayed is the son of immigrants from Egypt.

According to reports, El-Sayed’s decision to run for governor was influenced by concerns over state leadership following the lead-tainted water crisis in Flint, as well as policies being implemented in Washington, D.C., under President Trump.

El-Sayed has several post on his social media accounts that are anti Trump.

Some websites refer to El-Sayed as “the next Obama” or “Obama 2.0.”

Some websites suggest that he has been groomed by George Soros.

According to El-Sayed’s website “He graduated in 2007, where he was honored to deliver the student commencement speech alongside President Bill Clinton.”

On El-Sayed’s social media accounts he has photos of himself with Bill Clinton, Maxine Waters, and Linda Sarsour.

There are also reports that Elizabeth Warren is campaigning for El-Sayed.


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