Racist Black Radical Group Attempting to Take Over St Petersburg, Florida

20 year old Eritha Akile Cainion is running for District Six City Councilwoman in St Petersburg, FL. Eritha is part of The Uhuru Movement, which according to their Facebook page is a Revolutionary movement for the liberation of Africa and African people worldwide. Eritha’s slogan is “A NEW BEGINNING, RADICAL TIMES, RADICAL SOLUTIONS!” Eritha has some of her policies outlined on her website which state:

“Black community control of the police with the power to hire, fire and discipline police who should function in out community as servants of the people.”

“Hire and promote more black people in the fire department.”

“An end to city support for policies that require the absence of black fathers from homes as a condition for receiving housing and other support.”

“City supported accessible and affordable childcare that frees up black parents for work, education and social development.”

“Reparation for devastating city destruction of historic independent black economic districts and institutions, racial discrimination, oppression and the forced displacement of entire black communities in the name of city economic development.”

Obviously her only concern is the black community. It is clear this group is nothing more then a bunch of racists.
Eritha’s campaign manager and best friend who goes by the name Gazi Kodzo has no problem showing just how racist he is. You may remember him from a video that circulated the internet awhile back. In the video, this lil’ punk demands reparations from whites, and they (like idiots) agree to give it to him, claiming that they owe it to him. At first I thought maybe the video was a joke, but unfortunately it’s not…and the videos get worse.
In another video Gazi Kodzo and Jesse Nevel, who is running for Mayor of St Petersburg, FL, (I’ll get to that in a min) discuss the live video that went viral of the disabled white teen being beaten and tortured by 3 blacks. In this video Kodzo and Nevel both defend the actions of the thugs!
Kodzo who says he’s the leader of the African Socialist Party refers to Eritha as “the Black Radical Woman candidate.” Kodzo is also part of a radio show called “Black Power Radio.” He refers to police officers as pigs and on his Youtube bio he has this quote “Be Black, Buy Black, Think Black, and all else will take care of itself!”
In another video also posted on YouTube, Gazi Kodzo and his thug friends harass a store owner, threatening to shut down his store and to throw rocks at heads. Once the police arrived, the thugs disrespected the police officers by getting in their faces and yelling at them.
In another video Kodzo tells blacks they need to get in positions of power.
Kodzo’s Tweeted a photo of a naked white woman, a black man giving a black woman a piggyback ride with the words “someone daughter” by the white girl, “me” by the black girl, and “my nigga” by the black guy with “Put your clothes on bby girl we done w you.” Apparently Kodzo thinks rape is ok.
Kodzo has many racist Tweets and Facebook posts, in fact that seems to be all he speaks of, is white people. Maybe he has an obsession with us.
In one of his Tweets he wrote: “Dear White AmeriKKKa, We aint all non-violent. You made your bed now lie in it. Sorry not sorry.#BlackPowerMatters”
I really don’t know who this guy thinks he is, to be honest I thought it was a female when I first came across his videos. Not very scary. He even refers to himself as “little sissy ass gay kid” in one of his videos.  That would explain why all he does is make threats on social media and demand reparations from weak minded liberals.
Now, on to the candidate for Mayor Jesse Nevel. Jesse agrees with the two idiots mentioned above on issues…but wait for it….he’s white. Jesse is the President of the Uhuru Solidarity movement organization of white people under the leadership of African people’s Socialist Party.
Not only does Jesse’s website say he’s “passionate about the issue of reparations,” but it’s also his #1 issue listed on his website It states:
“Reparations and Economic Development to the black Community:
St. Petersburg is divided by two realities, one is characterized by opportunity and the other dominated by injustice. In order to bring about unity in our city, we need a positive public policy of economic development for the city’s black communities, to level the playing field and right the historic wrongs. With a $500 million budget, the city of St. Petersburg has ample room to redirect resources to economically uplift and develop the black community. Discretionary funds can easily be allocated from Penny for Pinellas and the major corporations can pay a reparations tax. The black population makes up 23 percent of our city, but is disproportionately impacted by overwhelming conditions of poverty, homelessness and police containment. With nearly 20,000 people living in the South Side of St Petersburg struggling below the federal poverty line, reparations and economic justice for the black community must be the highest priority for our city’s agenda. St. Petersburg cannot call itself a progressive city unless economic injustice for the black community is addressed and resolved.”
Some of the other issues stated on his site are:
“We must transform Pinellas County from a place with the highest prescription pill overdose rate in the country to one with the highest rate of recovery. Drug addiction must be decriminalized for all – not just for the white people while black residents are treated as criminals.”
“We will make St. Petersburg a real sanctuary city and prohibit local police, hospital workers and city departments from collaborating with the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) who are deporting immigrants and tearing immigrant families apart.”
Some other the other issues listed are “Black community control of police and drastic reduction of police budget” “Defense of LGBTQ Rights” and “Restore all rights for people with felonies.”

In a video on YouTube with Jesse and Kodzo Jesse says “all white people need to take responsibility for the fact that we benefit of African people, we benefit from the murders of African people, we benefit from the mass imprisonment of African people”

In the same video Jesse speaks of America and says “This nasty thing called America.”

In another part of the video Kodzo and Jesse are talking about how disgusting the white race is and Kodzo says he had to teach Jesse to wash himself, and that he still doesn’t do it even after he says “I taught your ass.”

And this guy wants to be Mayor? Jesse Nevel is a puppet. He looks like a scared lil’ boy who can’t speak until he’s given permission by a black person. Kodzo cuts him off, snaps at him, and he stands there like a lil’ b***! This guy wont be running anything if he becomes Mayor, Kodzo will.
Let me break it down for you ignorant folks, there is no such thing as white privilege and we don’t owe you s***! You’ve never been a slave, you haven’t picked cotton. You weren’t even alive when that s*** was going on! Do you see Irish people running around crying? No! You don’t. Grow the f*** up!



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