President Trump Body-Slams CNN

5434963575_ced8efc034_b (1)
Image Credit: Mark Taylor

President Trump Tweeted a video clip of him body-slamming CNN. The clip is originally from a WWE event where Mr. Trump made an appearance as he body-slammed Vince Mcmahon. But in the clip Tweeted by President Trump, Mcmahon’s head was replaced with a square that says “CNN.”

I think most of us, myself included, thought this was funny. Especially keeping in mind the latest videos released in The American Pravda Investigations, where CNN admits to lying about the Russia stories, just to get high ratings. In a way, they kinda did get body-slammed.

But of course, the left is going nuts. They’re so upset about President Trumps tweet, but yet they don’t even mention the videos released by Project Veritas. Not even thinking about why he possibly made the tweet? Maybe it’s because CNN has been busted, lying, admitting the Russia story is “Bullsh*t,” and a “Nothing Burger.” They’ve even been caught on video calling their viewers stupid. But as usual, the left ignores all of this, and concentrates on a tweet from President Trump.

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