Die-in Protest Gets Interrupted By Motorcyclist (Video)


On June 21st dozens of people protested the Trumpcare bill on the streets on San Francisco. Literally on the streets! Protesters staged a “die in” and laid in the middle of the street blocking traffic.

One man on a motorcycle wasn’t having it though. He passed right through the protesters, scaring the crap out of them. It was quiet obvious to me he was just trying to pass through them, maybe give them a little scare. But in no way trying to hurt anyone.

But of course, the left is claiming that he tried to run them over. Watch the video below, he slows down until they are out of the way, and speeds up once it was clear. It does not look like he was trying to harm anyone to me. And if they’re so worried about being ran over, why are they laying in the street!?

Several reports say the motorcyclist was arrested.


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