Nancy Schaefer was Murdered after Exposing CPS Corruption

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Nancy Schaefer was a Georgia State Senator, from 2004-2008. Nancy was murdered on March 26th 2010. Her, and her Husband Bruce, both were shot. Their deaths were ruled a murder suicide, claiming Bruce took Nancy’s life and than his own. I have to question that, and anyone who knows what Nancy was attempting to expose, would question it as well. Nancy Schaefer was exposing horrifying corruption involving child protective services. During her 4 years of being senator, Nancy spoke with many parents who’s children were wrongfully taken by cps. Nancy refused to be silent, and started exposing the crimes hidden behind the doors of child protective services. Eventually Nancy lost her seat on the senate, over speaking out on the corruption. Some think she lost her life for the same reason. In one of Nancy’s speeches she said:

“I will share with you on the unlimited power of child protective services. I served in the Georgia state senate. And after four years of viewing the ruthless and unsparing actions of child protective services I wrote a scathing report entitled The Corrupt Business of Child Protective Services. The report cost me my senate seat However there are causes worth losing over, and this is one.” In Nancy’s speeches, she talked about children being removed from their homes for profit due to incentives from the state. In 1997 Bill Clinton passed a bill called the “Adoption and Safe Families Act.” It offers financial incentives
from the state that increase adoption numbers. Nancy says “To receive the adoption incentives or bonuses, local cps must have more children, they must have more merchandise to sell. Funding is available when a child is placed in a foster home with strangers, or placed in a mental health facility and medicated usually against the parents wishes. Parents are victimized by the system, that makes a profit for holding children longer and bonuses for not returning children to their parents. This is abuse of power. It is lack of accountability and it is a growing criminal political phenomenon spreading around the globe. Often times, but not always, poor parents are targeted to lose their children. Because they do not have the wherewithal to hire an attorney or to fight the system. Being poor and lacking proper housing does not mean your children should be removed. CPS has redefined poor to mean psychologically inferior, therefore it is in the best interest of the child to be removed. Best interest of course has also been redefined at the child’s expense. It has been reported over and over that six times as many child die in foster care, than in the general public. Once a child is legally kidnapped and placed in official safety the child is far more likely to suffer abuse including sexual molestation and or rape. Case workers, and social workers are often guilty of fraud, they withhold and destroy evidence, and they seek wrongly to terminated parental rights, while being protected by state immunity. There is a huge bureaucracy made up of Judges, court appointed Attorneys, Guardian ad Litems, Social Workers, State Employees, Court Investigators, Therapists, Psychologists, Psychiatrist, Foster Parents, Adoptive Parents, and on and on who are looking to the children in state care for their job security.”

Here is part of the report that cost Nancy her senate seat, and possibly her life:
“Having worked with probably 300 cases statewide, I am convinced there is no responsibility and no accountability in the system. I have come to the conclusion:

• that poor parents often times are targeted to lose their children because they do not have the where-with-all to hire lawyers and fight the system. Being poor does not mean you are not a good parent or that you do not love your child, or that your child should be removed and placed with strangers;

• that all parents are capable of making mistakes and that making a mistake does not
mean your children are always to be removed from the home. Even if the home is not
perfect, it is home; and that’s where a child is the safest and where he or she wants to
be, with family;

• that parenting classes, anger management classes, counseling referrals, therapy classes
and on and on are demanded of parents with no compassion by the system even while
they are at work and while their children are separated from them. This can take
months or even years and it emotionally devastates both children and parents. Parents
are victimized by “the system” that makes a profit for holding children longer and
“bonuses” for not returning children;

• that caseworkers and social workers are oftentimes guilty of fraud. They withhold
evidence. They fabricate evidence and they seek to terminate parental rights.
However, when charges are made against them, the charges are ignored;

• that the separation of families is growing as a business because local governments have
grown accustomed to having taxpayer dollars to balance their ever-expanding budgets;

• that Child Protective Service and Juvenile Court can always hide behind a
confidentiality clause in order to protect their decisions and keep the funds flowing.
There should be open records and “court watches”! Look who is being paid!
There are state employees, lawyers, court investigators, court personnel, and judges.
There are psychologists, and psychiatrists, counselors, caseworkers, therapists, foster
parents, adoptive parents, and on and on. All are looking to the children in state
custody to provide job security. Parents do not realize that social workers are the glue
that holds “the system” together that funds the court, the child’s attorney, and the
multiple other jobs including DFCS’s attorney.

• that The Adoption and the Safe Families Act, set in motion by President Bill Clinton,
offered cash “bonuses” to the states for every child they adopted out of foster care. In
order to receive the “adoption incentive bonuses” local child protective services need
more children. They must have merchandise (children) that sell and you must have
plenty of them so the buyer can choose. Some counties are known to give a $4,000
bonus for each child adopted and an additional $2,000 for a “special needs” child.
Employees work to keep the federal dollars flowing;

• that there is double dipping. The funding continues as long as the child is out of the
home. When a child in foster care is placed with a new family then “adoption bonus
funds” are available. When a child is placed in a mental health facility and is on 16
drugs per day, like two children of a constituent of mine, more funds are involved;

• that there are no financial resources and no real drive to unite a family and help keep
them together;

• that the incentive for social workers to return children to their parents quickly after
taking them has disappeared and who in protective services will step up to the plate and
say, “This must end! No one, because they are all in the system together and a system
with no leader and no clear policies will always fail the children. Look at the waste in
government that is forced upon the tax payer;

• that the “Policy Manuel” is considered “the last word” for DFCS. However, it is too
long, too confusing, poorly written and does not take the law into consideration;

• that if the lives of children were improved by removing them from their homes, there
might be a greater need for protective services, but today all children are not always
safer. Children, of whom I am aware, have been raped and impregnated in foster care
and the head of a Foster Parents Association in my District was recently arrested
because of child molestation;

• that some parents are even told if they want to see their children or grandchildren, they
must divorce their spouse. Many, who are under privileged, feeling they have no
option, will divorce and then just continue to live together. This is an anti-family policy, but parents will do
anything to get their children home with them.

• fathers, (non-custodial parents) I must add, are oftentimes treated as criminals without
access to their own children and have child support payments strangling the very life
out of them;

• that the Foster Parents Bill of Rights does not bring out that a foster parent is there
only to care for a child until the child can be returned home. Many Foster Parents
today use the Foster Parent Bill of Rights to hire a lawyer and seek to adopt the child
from the real parents, who are desperately trying to get their child home and out of the

• that tax dollars are being used to keep this gigantic system afloat, yet the victims,
parents, grandparents, guardians and especially the children, are charged for the
system’s services.

• that grandparents have called from all over the State of Georgia trying to get custody of
their grandchildren. DFCS claims
relatives are contacted, but there are cases that prove differently. Grandparents who
lose their grandchildren to strangers have lost their own flesh and blood. The children
lose their family heritage and grandparents, and parents too, lose all connections to
their heirs.

• that The National Center on Child Abuse and Neglect in 1998 reported that six times as
many children died in foster care than in the general public and that once removed to
official “safety”, these children are far more likely to suffer abuse, including sexual
molestation than in the general population.

• That according to the California Little Hoover Commission Report in 2003, 30% to
70% of the children in California group homes do not belong there and should not have
been removed from their homes.

1. Call for an independent audit of the Department of Family and Children’s Services
(DFCS) to expose corruption and fraud.

2. Activate immediate change. Every day that passes means more families and children
are subject to being held hostage.

3. End the financial incentives that separate families.

4. Grant to parents their rights in writing.

5. Mandate a search for family members to be given the opportunity to adopt their
own relatives.

6. Mandate a jury trial where every piece of evidence is presented before removing a
child from his or her parents.

7. Require a warrant or a positive emergency circumstance
before removing children from their parents. (Judge Arthur G. Christean, Utah Bar
Journal, January, 1997 reported that “except in emergency circumstances, including
the need for immediate medical care, require warrants upon affidavits of probable
cause before entry upon private property is permitted for the forcible removal of
children from their parents.”)

8. Uphold the laws when someone fabricates or presents false evidence. If a parent
alleges fraud, hold a hearing with the right to discovery of all evidence.
Senator Nancy Schaefer
50th District of Georgia”

Before Nancy was murdered, she was working on a video with William Fain. Fain was on the Alex Jones show in 2010, and said he would be releasing the video. It has been years, and the video still has not been released. Fain now claims he is not releasing it in honor of Nancy. The only thing that stopped Nancy from exposing the corruption of CPS was murder. If Nancy was alive today, I am sure she would release that video. She was a true hero.

Please share this article and help expose the corruption of CPS. Too many families have been ripped apart and destroyed, some for the sole purpose of making a profit. It is the worse corruption and it needs to be exposed.

Below are videos of Nancy speaking out on CPS, and also a link that might be helpful to anyone who has had problems with cps.
R.I.P. Nancy Schaefer


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