The Real Donald Trump

Image Credit: Gage Skidmore

We often hear Donald Trump’s name in the media. We hear claims that he’s racist, sexist, a bigot, and plenty more. But it’s not too often we hear the good about Mr. Trump. Why is that? Well… If I answered that, we’d be here all day. So instead, lets just get to the point, the man has a heart of Gold. Don’t believe me? Here’s just 10 of the many good deeds he’s done for others.

1. In 1986 Donald Trump helped save a family farm from foreclosure. Lenard & Annabel Hill were in danger of losing their family farm. Thinking Annabel would receive a payment from the insurance company, Mr. Hill took his own life. But Annabel never received a payment, and the family was still in danger of losing their farm. Mr. Trump heard this story, and decided to help.
In Donald’s book “The Art of the Deal” he wrote:
“It was a very sad situation, and I was moved, Here were people who’d worked very hard and honestly all their lives, only to see it all crumble before them. To me, it just seemed wrong.”
Mr. Trump reached out to the bank and told them he wanted to help. He was told that it was too late. But Mr. Trump wasn’t giving up.
Trump also wrote:
“I said to the guy, ‘You listen to me. If you do foreclose, I’ll bring a lawsuit for murder against you and your bank, on the grounds that you harassed Mrs. Hill’s husband to his death. All of a sudden, the banker sounded very nervous and said he’d get right back to me.Sometimes it pays to be a little wild,”
After that, Trump along with Frank Argenbright were able to save Annabel’s farm.
Today, Annabell’s son and his family live on the farm.
Video of Annabel’s Daughter, Betsy Sharp speaking at a Trump Rally:

Betsy Sharp in a Video from Growing America:

2. Darnell Barton is A Buffalo Bus driver. while working one day, Darnell noticed a woman about to jump off of a bridge. Darnell stopped the bus, got out and talked the lady out of committing suicide. When Trump heard about this, he wanted to reward Darnell for his good deed. Donald sent him a check for $10,000.
Along with the check, Trump sent Darnell a note that read:
“Although I know to you it was just a warm-hearted first response to a dangerous situation, your quick thinking resulted in a life being saved, and for that you should be rewarded.”

3. In 1991 Donald Trump rescued a man from being beaten with a bat. Trump and wife at the time, Marla Maples were riding in Trump’s limousine, when they seen a large man attacking another man with a bat. Trump jumped out of the limousine and confronted the guy. The guy dropped the bat and ran off.

4. After the September 11th attacks in 2001, Donald Trump went to ground zero. Trump sent over 200 of his people to help find survivors. He also helped prevent a Mosque being built at ground zero in 2010.
5. Clyde Frazier Jr. ran the Harlem Hoops tournament. He was killed in the September 11th attacks. Donald searched down Clyde’s family and donated money to keep the tournament going.
6. In a video published by Lynne Patton, an executive at the Trump Organization, she says:
“Like many Americans, I have struggled with substance abuse and addiction.
The Trump family has stood by me through immensely difficult times without hesitation,
nor concern for their own reputation by association. ‘
They continue to trust me with every aspect of their lives and the lives of their families.
They invite me into their homes and welcome me at their family gatherings.”

Lynne Patton’s video on The Trump Family:

Video of Lynne speaking at the RNC:

7. Sgt. Andrew Tahmooressi, was beaten and jailed in Mexico for 214 days. After he was released Donald Trump gave him $25,000 to get back on his feet, while Obama did nothing.
Greta Van Susteren told her audience:
“In all seriousness, Donald did help out Sgt. Tahmooressi. He sent him some money
to help him jump start his life. Sgt. Tahmooressi rotted in a Mexican prison for
214 days. President Obama wouldn’t even pick up the phone to help
8. In 2008, Jennifer Hudson’s mother, brother and nephew were murdered. Trump invited Hudson and family members to stay at his hotel for free. He made sure they were safe and taken care of. Trump told People:
“She’s a great girl. And we’re protecting them well. They are very safe”
9. Melissa Young, Miss Wisconsin USA 2005, and a Mother has an incurable disease. While in the hospital  she received a letter from Donald Trump telling her she’s the bravest women he knows. Trump continued to check up on Melissa and her son. Melissa has thanked Trump personally because she knows because of Mr. Trump and his organizations her son will be taken care of when she’s gone.
Video from a Trump Rally, Melissa attended and thanked Mr. Trump personally:

Melissa young speaking at a Trump Rally:

10. Andrew Ten, a 3 year old boy with a medical condition, needed to fly to New York for medical attention. Airlines refused to fly him because of his medical equipment. Andrews parents, in their last attempt to get there son the help he needed, called Mr. Trump. Mr. Trump sent his jet over, and flew the boy and his parents to NY. Reported by Jewish telegraphic agency, in an article dated July 20, 1988, it’s said that Andrew’s father was asked why he thought Trump made his private jet available, Ten replied,
“Because he is a good man. He has three children of his own and he knows what being a parent is all about.”
It is also stated that he said:
“he who saves one person’s life is as if he saved the entire world.”
Well, there you have it, the REAL Donald Trump! Would a racist, sexist, bigot help so many different people, including minorities, and women? I don’t think so! Share this article to let people know the truth about Donald Trump!

4 thoughts on “The Real Donald Trump

  1. Thank you for writing this. I have had a gift of a lifetime meeting and watching live throughout the last few years this very brilliant compassionate man spill his heart out to the world! More people are coming to understand who this man with a heart 10 times the gold of anyone I have ever known, or any of us have know! Thank you!


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