Women crash Linda Sarsour's speaking event

Video: Women crash Linda Sarsour’s speaking event

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Santa Clara Anti Sharia Law March

On June 10th Anti Sharia Law marches took place across America. If you are unfamiliar with what Sharia Law is, I suggest reading here. After reading that I’m sure you will understand why many Patriots are protesting against sharia law in America, and are trying to educate others on what it is. One of the marches held…

No Jail Time For Muslim Refugees Who Raped 5 Year Old Girl In Idaho

In June of 2016, a 5 year old girl from Twin Falls, Idaho was raped by Muslim refugee boys. A year later, the boys have been sentenced, getting no jail time. The judge in this case has also issued a gag order. On June 2nd 2016 2 refugee boys orally and anally raped a 5…