Muslim Candidate Challenges AOC For Seat In Congress

Muslim Candidate Challenges AOC For Seat In Congress

Muslim Candidate Challenges AOC For Seat In Congress

judge sworn in on quran

Muslim Judges Elected in 2018

At least 6 muslims were elected as Judges in the 2018 Election. Muslim Judges were elected in Michigan, California, Texas and New York. See list below: Adel A. Harb – Judge of the 3rd Circuit Court in Michigan George Abdallah Jr. – Judge of the Superior Court of San Joaquin County California Halim Dhanidina – Judge of the California…

DREAMer wins New York General Election

Former DREAMer wins Election in New York

(D) Catalina Cruz won the General Election for New York State Assembly, District 39. Cruz is the first former DREAMer elected to New York State Assembly and the third elected in the U.S. As a child, Cruz came to the U.S. ILLEGALLY from Colombia, with her mother. Cruz lived in the U.S. ILLEGALLY for 10…

muslim judge elected New York

Muslim Judge Elected in New York

(D) Shahabuddeen Ally has been elected Judge of the New York City Civil Court. Ally will be the first muslim male Judge in New York. Learn About Shah deplorablekelDeplorable Kel is an independent journalist from California who covers news that the mainstream media refuses to report on. Kel covers anti-American candidates running in the…

Judge Sworn in on Quran

FLASHBACK: Judge Sworn in on Quran

In 2015 Carolyn Walker-Diallo became the first female muslim Judge. Walker-Diallo was elected in Brooklyn’s 7th Municipal District. Walker-Diallo was sworn in with her hand on a quran.

Urine Thrown on Lauren Southern During Anti Sharia Law March

We all know antifa members are vile and disgusting, but they were sure to prove it yesterday! Lauren Southern attended an anti Sharia Law march in NY. Southern was about to do an interview when someone threw liquid at her out of a brown bottle. At first it was unknown what the liquid was for…