NRA Responds to Hillary’s New Book Title, “What Happened”

Recently Hillary Clinton announced the name of her new book, “What Happened.” Many people on the internet have responded with their thoughts on Hillary’s new book title….but what Grant Stinchfield says is beyond perfect! In a recent video uploaded to YouTube Mr. Stinchfield says: “Twice-failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton revealed the name of her upcoming book.  She’s…


Hillary Clinton’s New Book Will be Called “What Happened”

Hillary Clinton will be releasing a new book about the election. The book will be called “What Happened.” Hillary wrote on Twitter: “Writing What Happened was hard, so is what we see every day. As we move forward & fight back, I hope this helps.” The description of the book from Amazon’s website is below:…

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Should Hillary Clinton be in Prison? (Poll)

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Danney Williams Wishes Bill Clinton a Happy Fathers Day

Danney Williams, the alleged son of Bill Clinton wished his father a happy Father’s Day via Twitter. Danney posted to twitter “Even though you abandoned me and only took care of Chelsea, I still want to thank you for giving me life. Happy Father’s Day @billclinton.”  The tweet also had side by side photos of…