George Harris

George Harris Speaks Out About Joy Villa Smacking His Ass

Shortly after Joy Villa filed sexual assault charges against Corey Lewandowski for allegedly smacking her ass, a clip of a video which shows Joy slapping a man’s ass went viral. The man in the video is apparently George Harris, a Tequila brand owner. Harris told that the smack on the ass was NOT consensual, like Villa…


Joy Villa On Smacking Man’s Ass: “It Was A Joke, It Was Funny”

Joy Villa appeared on Good Morning America to speak out about her claims against Corey Lewandowski. Recently, Joy claimed Corey smacked her on the ass at a holiday party. During the GMA interview, Joy says that she met with detectives for three hours to discuss the incident. Joy claims the detective informed her that this is…

Joy Villa, Booty Shaking, Lap Dances & Fondling Herself On Stage

We all got to know Joy Villa as the stunning woman who wore the MAGA dress to the Grammys in Feb of 2017. But what was Joy doing just a year before her shocking appearance on the red carpet? Joy was in an all girl band named “The Amazebabes.”   According to their website: It’s Spice…

Is Joy Villa A Fraud? (POLL)

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