Watch: President Trump Rally - Lexington, Kentucky

Watch: President Trump Rally – Lexington, Kentucky

President Trump Rally – Lexington, Kentucky


Trump Did Not Make Fun Of Reporter’s Disability

Over and over again the left has made up lies about President Trump. One particular lie that has been proven to be false, is that Mr. Trump made fun of a reporters disability. This is indeed a lie, but the left still spreads this rumor to this day. Anyone who has watched President Trump give…

The End of CNN

Last month, at the Deploraball, James O’Keefe announced his next target was the media. He told the crowd of Trump supporters “We’re just getting started…Everyone’s saying who are you going after next ? And I’m going to tell you right now, I’ll make it public, I’m going after the media next.” See video of speeches…

The Real Donald Trump

We often hear Donald Trump’s name in the media. We hear claims that he’s racist, sexist, a bigot, and plenty more. But it’s not too often we hear the good about Mr. Trump. Why is that? Well… If I answered that, we’d be here all day. So instead, lets just get to the point, the…