Twitter Bans Political Dissidents for Foreign Governments (VIDEO)

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Image Credit: Mark Taylor

President Trump Body-Slams CNN

President Trump Tweeted a video clip of him body-slamming CNN. The clip is originally from a WWE event where Mr. Trump made an appearance as he body-slammed Vince Mcmahon. But in the clip Tweeted by President Trump, Mcmahon’s head was replaced with a square that says “CNN.” I think most of us, myself included, thought…

Sarah Huckabee Sanders Encourages Everyone To Watch Project Veritas Video

Earlier this week James O’Keefe released part 1 of a series of undercover videos exposing CNN. In this video John Bonifield admits the Russia story is bulls**t.¬† During a White House press briefing Sarah Huckabee Sanders mentioned the video, and suggested that everyone across the country view it. She told the crowd of reporters: “There’s…

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Project Veritas: American Pravda Investigations, Part 1: CNN (VIDEO)

  Back in January James O’Keefe announced his next target was the mainstream media. He told his followers that he had undercover journalist in mainstream media newsrooms everywhere. Yesterday O’Keefe posted to social media letting fans know fireworks were coming early this year. Today O’Keefe released the first video in the¬†American Pravda investigations. In this…