Hamtramck Elects First Muslim Mayor

Amer Ghalib, a Yemeni immigrant, made history when he was elected Mayor of Hamtramck, Michigan in November. Ghalib is Hamtramck’s first non-Polish Mayor in 100 years, and the first ever muslim Mayor of Hamtramck.

According to reports,

Ghalib secured 68% of the vote, beating incumbent Karen Majewski who has led the city for four terms. 

Not only does Hamtramck now have a muslim Mayor, but they also have an all-muslim City Council.

Ghalib was sworn into office on January 2nd.

2 thoughts on “Hamtramck Elects First Muslim Mayor

  1. Here we go. The insidious take over of Islam. No need for the sword, gun or the bomb. The Poles will now feel the Islamic sentiment of Sharia and the gradual erosion of secular laws and social behaviour.


  2. Here we go. The insidious infiltration of Islam. The non Muslim populace will soon feel the effects of Sharia. Islam has taken overcwithout theusevof bomb, gun or sword. Next will be restrictions on vodka!!


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