Video Shows Cleveland Mayoral Candidate Basheer Jones Declaring “Women are not our leaders…We are their leaders!”

Basheer Jones

Cleveland City Councilman and mayoral candidate Basheer Jones is under fire after a video clip circulating social media shows Jones declaring “Women are not our leaders…We are their leaders!”

“I’m talking to the men,” he says in the clip. “Where’s the men? Why are we not leading the women? They are not our leaders. I don’t care what they say. They are not our leaders. We are their leaders!”

Watch the video below:

According to reports, Jones says the short clip circulating by critics lacks context, though he removed the speech from his Instagram page.

Jones was elected to City Council in 2017, becoming Cleveland’s first Muslim councilmember. He is currently running for Mayor of Cleveland.

Jones is endorsed by Emgage Action, a political organization aimed at helping muslims get elected in U.S. elections.

The primary election will take place on September 14 2021.

UPDATE: Basheer Jones was defeated in the primary election on September 14th 2021

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