Atlanta Police Arrest Man With Six Guns, Body Armor In Publix Grocery Store

Atlanta Police Arrest Man With Six Guns, Body Armor In Publix Grocery Store

Rico Abednego Neequaye Marley, 22, is facing several charges after entering a Publix grocery store armed with six loaded guns. Marley was arrested on March 24th, after a witness alerted a store manager that he heard “clicking sounds from the bathroom stall.” The witness said he believed it sounded “like someone was loading firearms.” The witness also stated that he seen a rifle leaned against the wall in the bathroom stall.

The store manager alerted Atlanta police who entered the store as Marley was exiting the bathroom. Marley was arrested without incident.

According to the police report, “The accused had on his person 4 handguns. Taurus G3C 9x19mm pistol (S#: ACA483874), Mossberg MC2C 9x19mm (S#: 012125MC), Glock 43 9x19mm (S#: BKSM472) and a Taurus 856 .38 special revolver (S#: ACB511594) was recovered from his clothing from his person. All semiauto pistols had rounds in their chambers, and the revolver was fully loaded.”

The police report also states that inside the suspects bag the police officer recovered “a loaded DPMS AR15 style rifle (S#: FFH129807) and a loaded Maverick Arms Modell 88 12 gauge shotgun. Both of these firearms had rounds in their chambers as well and were loaded. At the time of detainment the accused was wearing a body armor on his body.”

The police report adds that Marley also had a ski mask and two cellphones.

Marley is being charged with 5 counts of criminal Attempt To Commit A Felony and 6 counts of Possession Of Firearm During Commission of or Attempt To Commit Felony possession.