Muslim Congressional Candidate on 9/11: “far more Americans have been killed by police officers than by terrorists”

Past tweets of Democratic Congressional candidate Shahid Buttar recently surfaced, showing Buttar calling police officers terrorists and claiming they are more dangerous than ISIS.

On the fifteenth anniversary of the September 11th attacks, Buttar took to twitter to down police officers AND to downplay the horrible terror attacks that happened on that day. Buttar tweeted, “#NeverForget that far more Americans have been killed by police officers than by terrorists.”

Buttar tweeted several other similar tweets in the past, in one he wrote, “All the fear mongering at #RNCinCLE might make you forget that police and crazy white male gun owners kill far more Americans than ISIS has”. In another he wrote, “the law allows police to be terrorists.” Buttar also tweeted that “#Police violence is what defines America most.” In another tweet, he wrote, ““I’m more afraid of police than terrorists,” and with good reason”.

Buttar is a muslim immigrant challenging Nancy Pelosi for California’s 12th Congressional District seat in the general election.

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